Help Fight the Flu with Essential Oils

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Scott: One of the popular products on the market the last few years has been diffusers. Is that something that you recommend to use in the home?

Mindy Green: I love aromatic diffusers. I love the kind that just pump air in. There are many that pump a mist in. Those are my favorites. I have several in my house, and I use them often. 

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Mindy Green: They're really nice for making the room aromatic. It's very nice for enhancing a mood. Many of the oils, especially the citrus oils, have an uplifting benefit for depression and things like that, mild depression. They also can be very good in flu season because essential oils kill airborne bacteria, many kinds of airborne bacteria. So if a family member has a cold or flu and you diffuse these essential oils in the air, especially things like eucalyptus and even the lavender that I talked about, bergamot is another one, in fact that blend is beautiful. It smells nice and it kills airborne bacteria. It protects the other family members from possibly spreading viruses and bacteria.

Scott: You're talking about a pump-type of diffuser?

Mindy Green: Yes. I have a kind . . .

Scott: What's the difference between that and a reed, in terms of what you get?

Mindy Green: Well, the reed diffuser doesn't give off the aromatic molecules the way an aromatic diffuser that is attached to an air compressor . . .

Scott: Okay.

Mindy Green: . . . or something that blows the essential oil in a micronized dilution into the air so it covers a large area in these tiny mist droplets.
Aromatherapist Mindy Green explains the benefits of essential oils used as room fresheners. She mentions diffusers as well as pumps. She discusses some of the mood enhancing qualities of the oils as well as some health benefits.

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