How BonOlive Supports Bone Health

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Scott: Can you explain how BonOlive works? And once we take it what is it exactly doing in our body?

Sam Possemiers, PhD: BonOlive contains about 40% of this active compound, Orilopean. Now Orilopean when you take this off as such this compound is not absorbed but is transformed into the active compound which is called Hydroxytyrosol. Hydroxytyrosol enters blood circulation and what we have shown in a combination of invitro animal and human data is that the compound actively supports the formation of the so called bone forming cells or osteoblasts. So the osteoblasts are the cells which are responsible in your bone tissue to take your calcium and build that to your bones. So what we have shown is that each of the different steps involved in the development of these bone forming cells and the activity of those bone forming cells is specifically stimulated by Orilopean and its active form Hydroxytyrosol.
Dr. Sam Possemiers explains exactly how the product BonOlive helps support bone health. The product is made from olive leaves where a special compound can help overall bone development.

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