How to Protect Yourself from This Common Environmental Toxin

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Scott: You know one of the things you mentioned, often, throughout our discussion is the smart meters and how more prevalent those are becoming in communities all across the country.  What can people do if, if they can opt out, great, but if their neighbor doesn't or somebody across the street doesn't.  What sort of range do those have that could possibly still be affecting you?

Dr. Elizabeth Plourde: They.. for me to know that I got so symptomatic when the nearest smart meter was way across the street and way behind our backyard.  We have individual homes, that's what we're living in.  So for me, there's nowhere to go.  It's creating such an electrical smog.  It's more strengthening your own body.  You know like, wearing this, we have a picture of what the energy field looks like, before and after using this.  Before it's all these holes in it, just like our cell membranes, we're getting holes in our energy field.  And just two days use of this technology, nice solid, uniform energy field.  So it's more strengthening yourself.  The high antioxidant diet.  The more... the stronger you can get yourself, the better.  But we do have these smart dots for the new smart meters.  And so... you know if it's really close and it's on a neighbor, they're tiny little things, they're very thin.  You can barely see them.  Ask your neighbor if you can put one on them if you can't convince them to opt out and get back to the safe meters we were using for over 100 years.



Dr. Elizabeth Plourde discusses smart meters, devices that are on many homes around the country. She offers help to protect yourself from the radiation and frequencies that they are emitting and possibly harming your health.

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