Could Antioxidants Provide Protection From This Common Toxin?

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Scott: When we talk about solutions to this EMF bombardment that we face, part of your book, you mention diet.  Most people wouldn't make that connection, but what can people do in terms of that to help protect themselves.

Dr. Elizabeth Plourde: Antioxidants.  That oxidation damage, the same thing we talked about the electrons from the earth.  Antioxidants to us at the damage.  I've got more proof in the second edition, but I also refer people back to my sunscreen book, my sunscreen book is Sunscreens Biohazard: Treat as Hazardous Waste.  I have a whole chapter in there of all the antioxidants that were proven to protect from the solar radiation, and it's all radiation.  And so they've only done just a little bit for the EMFs, but they're finding the same thing!  Because radiation, oxidation damage, antioxidants are the answer.  So I think that whole chapter in my sunscreen book, if people will follow all  of that, that will help offset the damage that is happening to us on a minute to minute basis.  Because we're having oxidation damage just sitting here in this wi-fi place, with cell phones, right?  So yeah, it's truly amazing to me.  And the reason that chapter in my book, in the sunscreen book is so important is they all work together synergistically, we don't need just vitamin C or just vitamin E.  They all work together and I explain that in that book, to really bring in all the reds, all the purples, all the deeply colored fruits and vegetables and have them all work together.  And like I said there's only been a few about these cell phone radiation, but they're proving the same. 

Vitamin C, Vitamin E, ginkgo biloba is being proven to help with the skin, the skin mass cell problem.  And so, all that thing is just... it's amazing to me that those two books coordinated like that to find that same answer.


Dr. Elizabeth Plourde discusses the benefits antioxidants may have from a couple of common toxins. One is sunscreens and sun damage, which she wrote about in a book. But a more recent book she has written is showing the connection between antioxidants and another even more common toxin!

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