Is Your Home Polluted with EMFs? Here's How You Can Find Out!

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Lyle: It's a real pleasure to be able to talk with Dr. Kerry Crofton.  May I call you Kerry?

Dr. Kerry Crofton:  Yes, please Lyle.

Lyle:  Thank you.  Dr. Crofton, has, is spending most of her life right now trying to help people understand the problems that we have with electrical magnetic frequencies in all areas of our universe, of our lives.  She's written a wonderful book called Wireless Radiation Rescue.  I wonder if you'd be kind enough to explain to people what electrical magnetic frequencies are, where they exist and some of just the basic things they can do to the human system.  And then we'll go into some detail. 

Crofton.  OK.  Well, I welcome this opportunity because as a parent and as an electronics consumer, I had filled my house and office with all the conveniences.  And as soon as they brought out a new, more powerful technology, I, of course, needed to have that.  I say that in the beginning because I don't want any consumers, parents, grandparents, whoever, to feel guilty that we have in fact, filled our homes, our schools, our cities, with these devices that emit this, particularly this wireless radiation.  

We are, as you know, electrical beings ourselves.  And we have a wonderful integrity and balance and harmony.  And we have existed in this electromagnetic field of earth and in this cosmos, quite happily for who knows how many years, but a long time.  It's very different, however, with these new, artificial frequencies, from wireless radiation, radio frequency, radio wave.  These we have not adapted to and there is significant health concern.

Lyle:  And basically that even comes down to the fact that every cell phone has a couple of problems for you.  One is its broadcasting into your head, if you have it up to your head.  And secondarily for that signal to get to you, what you're telling us is, that signal has to come through the walls of your house and may have to come right through your body because the guy in the next room wants to make a phone call.  

Crofton: Exactly.

Lyle: That's insidious.

Crofton: Well, you know, I had never... I didn't use a cell phone, a lot because I sort of felt, instinctively, this is something, that I hold it up against my head, it's going to, you know the nearest antenna, which may be two or three miles away.  And I thought, you know that's a pretty powerful blast... do I really want that through my head.  This is before I knew anything about leakage in the blood brain barrier, damage to DNA, suppression of the immune system, and many symptoms.  

One of the things that I want to do Lyle, is that people are able to connect the dots.  Even here at this hotel at this conference, people said 'I wasn't sleeping well last night.  New bed or whatever.'  But I went around here with a radio frequency detector, and believe me, the levels are extremely high.   So after doctor Sinatra's talk today, I'm sure much more people are aware, that it's not just that it's a different bed.  The cordless phones, the wireless networks, I mean, it's a pretty hot radiation environment.  So once people can connect the dots with some of these sources, we're a long way to be able to remedy these and know how to reduce the exposures.

Lyle: You can't see, feel or taste all of this.  How would you suggest people, that are skeptics, spend 15 or 20 dollars, do something that will absolutely knock their socks off?

Crofton:  Good question.  Let me clarify, you are right.  This is pollution called electropollution.  And we can't see it and we can't smell it.  But some people really can feel it.  Some people feel it quite quickly in their heart.  Because these electromagnetic frequencies, these microwaves, in the radio frequencies, in the microwave range, affect the heart directly.  The rate and rhythm.  Um, some people may become dizzy, they have have ringing in the ears, headaches, many things.  But you're right, generally this is the sort of invisible... I don't know invisible threat, but invisible challenge let's say.

In terms of meters, it's a little bit complicated.  People, and as I set out in the book, not attempting to make anyone a technical expert, but we need to understand the basic two different kinds of exposures or electromagnetic frequencies, from wired devises and also from wireless.  So for wired devices, you need a small gauss meter and for the wireless devices you need a radio frequency meter.  

Lyle: Oh, you do?

Crofton: Yes.

Lyle: Well I learned something.  So the gauss meter that's making all the noise isn't the only thing we need to have.  

Crofton:  No.  The gauss meter is great for all plugged in appliances and for all the wiring in your walls.  You know, electric stove, electric hybrid cars, unfortunately those batteries need to be shielded.  But for all the radio frequency, so that's wireless, cordless phones, wireless routers, compact fluorescent lights, cell tower antennas, these you need a radio frequency meter.   And not only that, you need to make sure it's in the right range.  For example the cordless phones, when I got involved in this, the cordless phones were the biggest surprise for me.  I mean I kind of got it about cell phones, but a cordless phone?  We've had these forever, however what we didn't have forever was the digital.  So one of the technical experts who have contributed to the book, and I'm not one of them, have explained is it's the jagged, pulsed, raw, digital wave, that is disharmonious, aggressive, bombarding.  Now I'm way too old to know what's cool in music now, but it's kind of like the heavy metal.  It's very jarring, these frequencies.  And the cordless phone emits very high levels.  So you need a meter that go up to that range, or else you might get a false, low reading.


Dr. Kerry Crofton discusses research that went into her book on wireless radiation. She talks about some things you can do to find out if it's an issue in your home. You might be surprised at some of the biggest pollutants in your home might be!

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