If You Don't Do This, You Will Struggle to Get Well

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Scott: You mentioned detoxing and I think while a lot of people might argue what the causes of cancer are, I think so many people agree that an overload of toxins is a root cause or a big problem when it comes to cancer.  How big is detoxing then?

Robert Wright: It's major.  Um, we don't detox today.  If you get in a crowd of a hundred people and you say 'ok, in this last year, how many of you have gone through a regular detox program?'  You'd be lucky if you get one hand that goes up.  And you'll have some people say 'well, what's that?'  You know, What's that?  Because they simply don't know.  And then they'll go down to one of the health food stores or something and buy this little kit, and you know, while some of the those will help some, it's not the deep tissue, the deep organ detox.  You've got to dump the liver, you've got to, and you've got to do it many times.  I've been through 36 of these PIOH sessions that we've talked about and I've had in excess of 15 liver purges in one session.  And you know, people do coffee enemas for cancer, and they're trying to get one purge in a coffee enema, which is good, but you know, you really need to detox that liver.  Because if you don't, your main detox organ, your going to struggle and suffer to get well.  But you need to detox all of your other organs as well, and all of your cells and flood those cells with oxygen at the same time.  As we know, cancer hates oxygen, so do many other diseases incidentally.  But, detox is imperative.  Again, a disease caused by chemicals and radiation largely, we treat it with chemicals and radiation today and it makes no sense whatsoever.

Hypocrites said let they food be thy medicine and thy medicine by thy food.  And it's never been truer.  And yet, we are bashed every day by pharmaceutical companies and conventional medical organizations that tell us, and tell cancer patients that 'eat anything you want, it doesn't make any difference.'  And that is tragic and that should be a criminal offense.  And I go to hospitals and see cancer patients and they're eating these foods that are going through their feeding tubes.  The first item on that can of food is sugar, and then its high fructose corn syrup, and then it's canola oil.  It's junk!  It's no wonder these people don't and can't survive.  We're feeding cancer patients with sugar.  They're eating ice cream cones and drinking 7-Up.  It's just crazy.  So it matters and detox matters.  If you don't detox, you're going to struggle to get well.


Bob Wright is the founder of the American Anti-Cancer Institute. He talks about one of the key ingredients to overall health and recovery in this video. In fact, he says if you're not doing it, you will struggle to get well. Find out what he means and what he does to help himself!

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