Improve Emotional Health Through an Alkaline Diet

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Interviewer:  Can you talk a little bit about our emotional state and how
are different emotions affect the body?

Interviewee:  Yes.

Interviewer:  Then how exercise fits into that. I think that can be tied in
           as well.

Interviewee: One thing that I've noticed in the last 10 years is that
depression and, bipolar and all of these new kind of diagnosis of people
are dealing with are very, very high. There in epidemic proportion. Women
tend to have more heightened emotional issues than men do just because of
the way we're geared and the way we're made, the way we're created.  I
think in safeguarding that the alkalarian approach really, really helps
with that to keep your mind clear and keep your thoughts and logic on a
healthy basis, however if we become too depressed or too acidic those kind
of go hand-in-hand. We've seen people lift up out of their depressions by
just getting their blood and tissues clean and clear. I think the
physiology affects the emotionality, affects the mentality and it's kind of
a three-legged stool. That's why holistic approach is usually involve body,
mind, spirit - the three legged stool.

Whenever you can increase your physiology and decrease pain, even if it's
emotional pain, that's not to say good counseling, good psycho therapy
isn't needed, it is needed. What we object to is using drugs to mask our
psyches or to numb us so we're not really feeling or not really living
anymore to our full potential. We like to see people go off drugs, not ease
them to mask or get on drugs. It's great to see people coming to the pH
Miracle Ranch and cleansing and, detoxing and getting off the drugs. We
have many, many testimonials where people will say, "I'm off my high blood
pressure", I'm off my antidepressants", "I'm off my heart medication"
simply because we've cleaned up the rivers and streams.

It's a very gratifying work to be involved in. I think one of the things
that we need more in the world is hope. This gives people hope, especially
if they have time to turn something around. That's not to say that we don't
have people that cone to the ranch to late, we don't have enough time. The
body has great regenerative properties if given the proper tools and the
amount of time they need to turn things around. When we have somebody
that's come to us and they've already been radiated in chemotherapy it's
really dealing with a handicap there where we really, really try. We've had
some great pH miracles happen with those people. It's almost better if the
start the alkalizing regime before they go into any of those types of ...
more attack approaches on trying to get well.
Can your mood be affected by what you eat? Shelley Redford Young describes the benefits of an alkaline diet and how it may affect emotional issues like depression.

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