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Scott: Ann, you talked about stress in your book and you mentioned it a little bit already today.  So we think about diet alot, but really stress can cause candida overgrowth too.  Can you talk about that relationship a little bit?

Ann Boroch: Stress is the number one body breaker.  We seem to ignore that, we don't really understand what it means.  And when we're getting into stress, we're talking adrenal hormones, which is adrenaline and cortisol, which then, you know, enflames the body and also raises sugar, so it raises insulin levels.  And that's the direct relationship is we all have stress, it's how we manage it.  So, with men, we like to keep, men like to keep it in and say everything's good.  But I find for men, particular exercise is one of the best downloads.  I think that's the thing they're most easy to do.  For women, it can be everything from, also exercising, but I find women to be a little more emotional and in touch with that stress.  But finding ways to channel it whether it be journaling, meditation, going to see a therapist.  But the fact is, stress has so much of an impact that I think even if you're eating a clean diet, taking supplementation for quality aging.  If you're not managing stress, you're not going to see full improvement in what you're working on or the body will still collapse more.  It is probably the most important thing to pay attention to.

And, like I said, the management factors.  If you have a job you don't like but you know you have to support your family, then what can you do as an adjunct?  What's a hobby you can do?  What's another creative endeavor?  Are you having fun with your kids on the weekend?  Any thing you can do to download so the mind is not going a mile a minute and you feel as though it's this constant threat of anxiety that's pulsating with the thoughts and in your body.  Because really that's wreaking havoc in these adrenal hormones.  Cortisol is the most inflammatory thing in the body if it's not balanced.

Scott: Easier said than done too...

Boroch: Absolutely.

Scott: It seems probably in the last 15, 20, 30 years, we're all working more.  Both parents are working, more stress at home.  I mean there just seems to be more than probably there was 15, 20, 30 years ago.

Boroch: Absolutely.  And it saddens me because in my practice, I can say in the last several years, what's on people's symptom list when they're filling out the questionnaire, is not just the depression, or the, I'm sorry, not just like a little fatigue, or maybe they have sinus issues or a rash, but almost everybody is check-marking anxiety and depression.  And it's just getting to a level that seems to be stronger and stronger and we're not finding more tangible ways to do that.  And I think a very simple, powerful way is meditation.  And I know that scares a lot of people.  But I tell them if they can just do five minutes before they hop out of bed.  Sit up, say the word 'now' silently, over your crazy thoughts, almost like stock numbers on a ticker tape, and say the word 'now' as a silent mantra.  And if you can just get 30 seconds of a gap where you weren't thinking a thought, you will have a better day.  And hopefully that five minutes will turn into 15 and 20 minutes.  But I think that's probably the best tool I can offer anybody, beyond exercise.  Because you don't have to make that much more time, you don't have to go to the gym, have a membership.  It's something you can do for free.


Ann Boroch is a naturopath and in her experience, she mentions what she calls the most inflammatory thing in the body at 1:45 of this video. Find out what she also calls a 'body breaker. Hear what she thinks people can do to help reduce the effect of these things on your body and overall health.

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