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Interviewer:  Talk about, holistically, what are some of the options with cancer? What are some of the alternative therapies that you have seen be successful?

Robert Scott Bell:  Well for me, from a simple perspective, it's all about replenishing the minerals that have been lost. So utilizing multi-mineral forms, food, [state] type things ideally; although there are things like the, Quinton has these injectables, although they can't sell them as injectables. Hypotonic, hypertonic, isotonic forms of sea water.

It's a fascinating thing if you read about Quinton, Q-U-I-N-T-O-N. Rene Quinton, I believe it was. The research he did is what it led to, but it's re-mineralizing that can help in so many cases, so many diseases.

With cancer, I'd say the number one trace mineral, this is not so say I'm an isolationist, but I will acknowledge that selenium is critically important of all of the minerals that have been basically debased from the soils; and if you increase selenium levels from a food-grown source preferably. That is, we are designed to take food not from rocks, but the plants do that. They take it from the rocks and convert it into a form that we can assimilate. Now you can restore that which is lost, and that's selenium, which the most powerful and most potent of anti-cancer, cancer prevention, and reversal nutrients. It also works with the liver, it works with the endocrine system as well.

A lot of people know I'm an expert in silver therapeutics, and they'll also ask and say, "Hey Robert, you know, what about silver?" Colloidal silver. I've talked extensively about silver hydrosol and the qualities and property, and because of its power to carry oxygen with it into the body, it is a powerful adjunct in cancer therapy.

There were some tests conducted that showed that the silver in this way, at a nano size, could outperform these platinum based drugs. 

Chemotherapeutic drugs with platinum that they use were very toxic and dangerous, but they had an impact on cancer cells. They utilized the silver in the nano realm and were able to achieve the same or better success with non e of the toxicity, none of the danger.

So I would say look to that as an adjunct as well, in recovery. Also we use in homeopathy [sarcoptes], or we take cancerous cells and tissue from someone with cancer, and we convert it via serial dilution and [succession] into a safe form for ingestion, a homeopathic form; and that can also alert the immune system, target and work with the body. 

One other mineral I want to recommend in reference here is silicon, and I think I mentioned it in another point of our interview, for vascular and connective tissue issues. This is for the connective tissue issue. Utilizing silica strengthens the integrity, the elasticity of the connective tissue. How does cancer metastasize? It utilizes it, like enzymes that chew through the connective tissue.

If you can strengthen it through nutrition, you make it less likely to near impossible for any abhorrent cancer cells to metastasize, to grow out of our ability to retain them, due to all the things we talked about; toxicity, deficiency.

Then there are emotional and spiritual issues as well that I don't want to overlook, but sometimes getting to the brass tacks physiology of something that people can grasp and say, "Okay. I can do that. I can do more selenium. I can do a little silver. I can do silica." And find these quality, food grown nutrients.


What are some safer, natural cancer treatments and prevention methods? Robert Scott Bell discusses this issue and shares what he says is the most powerful anti-cancer and cancer prevention nutrient. Find out what he suggests are other successful, natural methods in fighting and helping prevent cancer. But be sure to find out what the most powerful anti-cancer nutrient is!

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