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Interviewer: Doctor, can you just talk about the benefits of curcumin? I
think a lot of people think of it just as maybe a spice . . .

Doctor: Yeah.

Interviewer: . . . that we cook with, but what about the health benefits?

Doctor: Yeah. Turmeric is the source of a yellow pigment called curcumin
and this compound has very unique activities. In scientific terms it's one
of the few pleiotrophic molecules that have been discovered. That term
pleiotrophic means it has multiple sites of action. For example, it exerts
profound anti-inflammatory effects and so when you look at an anti-
inflammatory drug typically it only acts on one enzyme system. Has one
single mechanism of action.

Well, there are literally dozens of different inflammatory mediators and
curcumin has been shown to either block the formation or block the action
of all these different inflammatory controlling agents. So, it's really
quite unique and the same is true in regards to anti-cancer effects.
There's a multitude of different effects. It's really one of the most
interesting natural products available and it's a reason why there have
been over 5,000 scientific investigations on curcumin over the last 20

Researchers are just excited by what this molecule is able to do and I like
this quote. "What curry is to Indian cuisine, curcumin could be for
Dr. Michael Murray discusses some of the many health benefits possible by using curcumin. The spice offers a number of potential health benefits such as an anti-cancer properties and as an anti-inflammatory, according to Dr. Murray.

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