Is One Source of Omega-3 Better Than Another?

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Interviewer: When it comes to Omega 3 supplements, there are a lot of different sources. We hear a lot about the fish oils, the cod liver oil, krill is a big one and I think there's even vegetative, vegetation form. Is there more benefit from one to the other? 

Dr. Dyerberg: To me, clearly no. The thing that works inside your body are EPA and DHA and when they're in your body, they work and they don't remember where they came from something made from a fish or it's a fatty acid with that molecular structure and the body uses it. The thing is, let's have it inborn, let's have it absorbed and its right. You can get it from marine fish, even from squid, calamari nowadays there are good tests on that because that's a sustainable source and the sustainability is, of course, an issue and that's why you see new things from krill. They are rich in phospho-lipids and they are rich in free fatty acids and both these components are absorbable and easily absorbed so you get the EPA and DHA inborn. But those who produce them will of course try whatever they can to say, "Oh, our source is the best. But, but, but, but, but," it's all the same. Then there's a vegetable side of it because you can, algae makes EPA and DHA and you can grow algae, especially here in the southern part of America in the sunny areas if you're bored enough, the harvest is rather low, I mean, and algae is not a fatty thing but you can extract EPA and DHA from that and these are the two same fatty acids as they were in the fish. Because the fish had eaten something that had eaten algae, so it's the same fatty acid that circulates in the system.
Is one source of omega-3 supplement better than another? Omega-3 supplements can come from marine animals, algae, or other plants. Dr. J?rn Dyerberg discusses the different forms and gives his opinion on whether one form is better than another.

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