Is This Procedure the Country's 'Biggest Fiasco'? He Says So!

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Scott: You also treat cardiovascular conditions as well.  In what ways have you found successful treatments.

Dr. Cal Streeter: Well, again, most cardiovascular conditions are caused by cation buildup.  Ok?  We don't call it chelation, we call it anionic surfactant therapy.  You're pulling out positive charges, putting negative charges in its place.  Nobody bothers you when you do that.  Same stuff.  But you're... you can reverse cardiovascular disease with that.

Bypass surgery is the biggest fiasco that ever hit in our country.  Most people that get bypass surgery, mentally, have lost something.  Because when they go off the pump... when they go from the pump to starting the heart again, they're anoxic. 

Scott: So they've lost some oxygen to the brain?

Streeter:  I want the double blind study, like they want in everything, the double dummy study they want for everything else, let's do that for bypass surgery.  They did when they started.  They opened up the chest and put talcum powder in half of them.  They did bypass on the other half and the people that got the talcum powder did better than the people that got the bypass.  You can't take a vein, a low pressure vessel and put it in a high pressure system and expect to survive.  That's like going between your sink and your commode... it's plugged up so you put a piece of rubber hose in that copper line or that galvanized pipeline.  You better go in another business.  The only place you can do that and get by with it is the medical profession.

There are three sacred cows in America.  And if you attack any one of those three, you're going to get in trouble.  Pharmaceutical/medical business, the petroleum industry and the Federal Reserve, the currency.  Ask John Kennedy about that.  He printed US currency one day before he was assassinated.  OK?  It's just a known fact.  They're ruthless, they don't care.  They've got one thing in mind.  Dollar bills, that's worth less now than it's ever been.


Dr. Cal Streeter discusses a common medical procedure that's done for people with cardiovascular disease. He calls it the biggest fiasco this country's ever seen. Find out why he says this! Also find out what he calls the three sacred cows in this country!

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