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Scott:  You touched on a couple of things you do to help prevent some of the damage from EMFs.  But what can people do in general, because a lot of people aren't going to get rid of their cell phones, their computers.   We're here, even if I didn't have a cell phone we're here in a hotel that's got wi-fi everywhere.  I mean everywhere you go there's going to be some sort of signal.  What can people do to reduce their risk of damage from these signals?

Dr. Elizabeth Plourde:  Right.  It's impossible to get away from them, that's for sure.  And until I started wearing this, I couldn't be in a wi-fi building.  I would have dizzy, vertigo, nausea, I felt like I was on a ship.  Felt like I couldn't find the floor.  And so nauseous that there was no way to eat if I went into a building with it.  So, because I felt sea sick.  

This is the only thing that I've found that works for me.  I had a whole bunch of things that I bought, and that's tragic because there's a lot on the market that don't work.  And I have people call me and say, I've spent a thousand dollars, I've spent three thousand, I've spent... one woman, eight thousand dollars on things.  And she calls me with all these symptoms, you know, the headache, the insomnia, the skin rashes, blurry vision, bloody noses.  All of these, I've got the biochemical reasons why these are all happening.  The blurry vision, they identified that a long time ago.  It causes oxidation damage in the lens, on the cornea.  It's that simple  And yet, we've still allowed this to all come out like this.

So... these are called biodots.  And it strengthens your energy field so it's very different than anything else out there.  It's working with your energy field to make you stronger so you can withstand the radiations that are coming at.  Instead of feeling everyone's cell phones like a knife in me, in two days of wearing this, I can go out without feeling the cell phones anymore.  Without feeling those knives.  So huge, huge difference.   And we also now have what's called smart dots.  They've been created just for the smart phones.  Because the new smart phones are so powerful.  I've had teenagers tell me they couldn't even hold it, tingling, burning, numbness in their hand.  Or down their leg if it's in their pocket.  And so the people that manufacture this, these are made in Europe, came out... they had a cell phone dot, but these are now, they're not only cell phones, they're wi-fi's.  So we now have a smart dot for the new smart technology.  The smart phones, the smart meters, smart tvs.

Do get all electronics out of the bedroom.  Our body can repair, but we can't repair when we're exposed to radiation.  So tv's out of the bedroom, go down to a battery operated alarm clock.  Get all of it out.  We even turn our electricity off at night, to the back part of our house where we sleep.  You know, just shut everything down.  Because even a lamp cord, even a lamp that's not on.  That cord?  Whole bunch of radiation's coming out of it.  And we're so engulfed today, we've got to do everything we can to help our body repair by getting away from the radiation.  If people will do that... and sleep on the grounding sheets.  Make sure they're 100 percent natural fibers, make sure they're 100 percent cotton.  I got lured into that, because people would call me and say I'm sleeping on a grounding sheet.  I didn't ask.  Some of them are being made out of polyesters, which attracts electricity, which stagers me, that anything like that's been made.   

And then ground, bare feet on the grass, ground wherever you can.  Hopefully away from cell towers, although that's almost impossible today.  You know, in my EMF Freedom book, I have a website where you put your address in and it will tell you how many cell towers are within 4 miles of your house.  You know, where I am, in Southern California, I have 270 cell towers within 4 miles of my house, and 542 antennae on them.  So, this is what people are being engulfed in.  And I'm still in the same house, with no symptoms.  And I can work, I can be on the computer.  This new edition, I've been on the computer for the last 6 months, until 4am almost every night.  To be on the computer that much in the same house where I was so sick, you know, this technology is just hugely... I am so grateful for it, I really am.


Dr. Elizabeth Plourde talks about how you can protect yourself from electromagnetic fields, even in a world polluted with radiation and wi-fi. Find out what she's done to protect herself, even with the constant barrage of signals.

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