The Quickest Way to Lose Weight Is By Doing This!

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Interviewer: Your book mentions weight loss as well. A lot of people want the quick fix, try this diet... what should people really know about healthy weight loss?

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski: Well, it comes down to really, I hate to say this because then people are going to say, "Oh, thanks, doc," living a healthy lifestyle. People don't become overweight overnight. People have a virus, let's face it, it's a clinical condition, they have a medical condition which is a metabolic rate slower so it's going to be harder for those people to lose weight. But if we take a normal person off the street and I very much support exercise. But the quickest way people are going to do it is by changing their habits.

Your health is your habits. And you do that by just changing the diet. And you don't have to change it drastically. You don't have to go crazy, go on these crash diets. It's interesting because I came up with an acronym for diet. So long I was trying to think of this thing, I was 'What does this really mean?' and basically it goes like this. Diet stands for Deliberately Identified as an Eating Trend. So most diets are eating trends.

So think about before you change your diet, what's your ultimate goal. Is it just to lose weight? Are you going on a diet to help support deliberate detoxification program? That will help you find which program you're going after. But ultimately it's going to be a lifestyle change for people. It's going to be a really reducing processed food, really reducing sugars and again, it's going to happen a lot quicker than just trying to work out and eating any what you want. That will support the weight loss but you really have to focus on the food.


So many people are looking for an easy, quick fix when it comes to weight loss. Is there a solution that will work? Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski discusses what you need to know first and what you can do to lose weight the quickest and healthiest, and hopefully one that will keep the weight off. Find out the quickest way to lose weight by doing this!

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