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Interviewer: Talking about the joints, is there some people, are there some
people that maybe shouldn't do that? People will say it's a pounding on the
hips, your knees, your lower back. Is there some truth to that?

Dick Beardsley: There is. No question, about it. I'm really fortunate that
when I run, I've always been a midfoot forefoot runner. So, when you run
like that, there's less shock that goes into the knees and the hip to
absorb, because when you land, it's almost like a spring. Now, a lot of
people, they land heel first. When that heel hits, a lot of that shock goes
right up into the knee and what doesn't get absorbed in the knee goes right
up into the hip, and eventually that can create some problems for people.
So you can learn to run midfoot. It's called good form running. And you can
learn how to do that. Now for some people that it doesn't come naturally
to, it seems weird for a while, but if you do it for a couple of weeks,
eventually that's the way you'll do it and that will help. But there are
some people that maybe have some osteoarthritis or some, you know, have
inflammation of the joints. So, the running; I'm not going to say "Oh, it
doesn't matter, it's good for everybody." It's like anything, not
everything is good for everybody. And, yet, for those that want to do it,
if you do it in moderation, for most people, there shouldn't be a problem.

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.
Former world class marathon runner Dick Beardsley shares his tips for easing wear and tear on your joints as you run. His style may help save your knees, hips and other joints while you get great exercise.

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