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Scott:  We're in Fargo, North Dakota and here there's been a marathon
that's taken off in terms of numbers over the past decade. You have a race,
I know, about an hour from here in Detroit Lakes. There's Grandma's
Marathon in Duluth.

Dick:  Right.

Scott:  There's a bunch within our area. Is that the case throughout the
country? Is there a rebirth in this sport do you think?

Dick:  It is unbelievable, especially in the marathoning craze. Like the
Fargo race, the marathon weekend with the 5K and the half, and the full
marathon, I mean, 20,000 plus runners to Fargo. People say to me, "There's
a marathon in Fargo?" I go, "It's one of the best marathons you'll do."
Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, the city is about the same size, drawn in
20,000 runners. Austin, Texas where I've lived now for the last five years,
they have a marathon, 20,000 runners.

Some of the Rock-and-Roll Series marathons, 30,000 runners. New York City,
45,000. Boston, of course, you've still got to qualify for.

Scott:  Sure.

Dick:  So it's a little more elites if you want to say, but it's crazy.
It's not just in our country. It's all over the world. The Tokyo Marathon
in Japan last year had 500,000 people go into a lottery for like 50,000
entrants. It's crazy, and it just continues to get bigger and bigger. Small
races are getting bigger. Our little half marathon that we have over in
Detroit Lakes every year, it started out with - I think we had 150 people
the first year, and now we're up to over 2,000. It's just amazing.

So, it continues to blossom, and what's really blossoming now that's kind
of the go-to run are half marathons because most of the marathons now, like
Fargo and the Grandma's is they offer a half marathon. A marathon takes a
lot out of you. First off, it takes a lot of commitment and dedication to
train for one.

The half marathon, you've still got to be dedicated and committed, but not
nearly as much. The nice thing is, you get to still enjoy all the
festivities of the marathon, but the day after the marathon you can get out
of bed and walk around. Go for a little run again without being too sore
compared to the full marathon. But I see road racing continue to just grow
and grow in all avenues from 5Ks up to the marathon.

Marathon runner Dick Beardsley discusses the resurgence of running in the country. He mentions the number of races available and the number of runners entering those races and how both are growing.

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