Stress Damages Your Immune Response

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Interviewer: Let's talk about our immune system a little bit. 

What's the best way to boost that? I have a cold, I should have done that a while ago but what's the best way to do that?

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski: Yes, the immune system is an interesting thing. Let's go back to stress. If you're under stress, your body is just not going to be able to repair itself as fast as if you're relaxing the body because you have two different systems in the body, sympathetic and a parasympatetic. One reacts to stress, it rebuilds the body. The other one is more a relaxation state. So try to balance your systems in the body. So you have to reduce the stress. 

Let's go back to the different types of  stress. We're talking about the emotional mental stress, physical stress and more importantly biochemical stress. So what we want to do is we want to try to get the garbage out of the body and try to get the good stuff in. And why some people get sick faster or some people heal faster than others has a lot to do with this balance, input and output, of nutrients versus chemicals. And if you have a toxic load in your body, you know, your body is trying to process this. Also it's trying to fight something else, trying to fight a cold, trying to fight  a virus, a bacterial infection. It's got a lot going on versus someone else who doesn't have a heavy toxic load. Now, you could use those nutrients really to fight off the bacterias and the viruses.

So  really comes to input and output with some of these biochemical things that we're exposed to every day and try to get nutrients into the body. So if you can boost your immune system through trying to reduce some stress, mental emotional stress, hydrate yourself and try to get lots of nutrients into the body, particularly Vitamin C because that helps your liver detoxify itself.

What's the best way to boost your immune system? It might start with how much stress your body is under, whether it's emotional, physical or chemical. Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski discusses the impact of stress and toxicity on the function of your immune system and what you can do to improve it.

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