These Common Events Could Lead to Cancer Within 2 Years!

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And if we come back to common sense, and we go back to thatfact that cancer is caused by mental and emotional stress in nearly all thecases, uhm, we need to do what I teach at these health freedom expos, we needto identify the root cause of our problem, what caused our original lack ofenergy? there is study done in Fort Worsen Texas that proved that most cancerpatients reported diagnosis of cancer had a very traumatic event 18-26 monthsbefore. Like getting divorced, losing a hospital wife after a long 20-30-40year marriage, or you lose your job, or your business, or career after puttingeverything in. And they had actually a point where they said, I don't want tolive like this more, and 18-26 months later there was a diagnosis of cancer, sowhen we all start looking at the parts of our lives, what do we do? What do wethink? And what parts of our life do we feel we don't want to live like thisanymore? We talked about it Scott, that most deadly heart attacks happen Mondaymorning between 8 and 9 o'clock, when people get ready to go to work week to ajob that they cannot handle anymore.  And they literally rather die than go inone more time to that job, and this is what, what is so horrifying to me,because you see that the loneliness is causing cancer. Because if this personhad a good friend, they would sit, and he would said, 'Listen I'm really,really worn out, I don't see hope anymore. This job is really killing me, and Idon't want to go there anymore', and the good friend would just say, 'Why don'tyou look for another job? Why don't you do anything else you know, open a bar,something, do something else'. That might have saved that person's life, and Ithink the loneliness factor is one of the main causes in America for all thesediseases, and this high rate of suicide.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell describes how some events many of us go through, could lead to cancer developing in our body within just a couple of years. Dr. Coldwell also discusses the most common time of day people suffer heart attacks and what a big reason for that is.

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