Using the Mind to Beat Cancer!

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Interviewer: Doctor, in some of your writing you mention guided imagery.
Can you explain that?

Patrick Quillin, PhD, RD, CNS: Back to the business of the power of the
mind. There is an important piece of the puzzle that is ignored in most
cancer hospitals.

They tell a patient, "You have cancer and you're probably going to die."
Then they give them chemotherapy which makes the nauseous, then they put
them in a hospital isolated from their family and loved ones and they
wonder why they get depressed. And, of course, the mind is the most
critical tool. There is no length between the mind and the body because
there is no separation.

So guided imagery says what if we, instead of trying to isolate the placebo
effect, which of course in medicine when they are doing a double-blind
placebo controlled trial, what they're saying is, "We gave you a sugar pill
and we gave you the drug and we're going to see if there's a difference
between the two. And oftentimes the placebo group got 30 percent of them
improved and on the drug, 35 percent of them improved. And they say, "Well,
we isolated for the placebo effect."

I say harness the placebo effect and that's what guided imagery does. It
says put the patient's mind in as part of the recovery process. Use the
mind and this guided imagery essentially says what if you could, close your
eyes, get that patient into somewhat of a hypnotic state and have them
picture killing the cancer cells with their immune system, like a video

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Quillin: It works.
It sounds far fetched, but Dr. Patrick Quillin talks about 'guided imagery' and how that could be an important tool in the cancer battle. Dr. Quillin describes what guided imagery is and how it may work similar to a placebo in harnessing the body's healing power.

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