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Scott: Ty, it seems like so much time and money, and we talked about the cancer foundations, so much effort goes into finding that next new drug that's going to, you know, cure cancer.  Is prevention lost on all this?

Ty Bollinger: Yeah, it is!

Scott: You know it seems that so much has gone into trying to find the cure, we don't talk about prevention as much.

Ty: Yeah.  I mean why run for the cure when you should be running for the prevention.  Prevent the disease from ever happening.  What's that old Chinese proverb, an inferior doctor treats illness, but a superior doctor prevents illness.  And so what we have today is a bunch of inferior doctors.  Not their fault, it's what they've been taught.  They're taught in medical schools to treat the symptoms of illness, but not to ever prevent it.  And we can discuss what's the reasoning behind that.  Is it that they just don't know that they need to be teaching prevention?  Or is there a more sinister side that says, no, we're not going to prevent because there's so much money to be made in treating the sickness.  And again, you can answer that question, it's a rhetorical question.  But you know the way that I feel about that.  It's a sickness perpetuation industry is what we have, it's not healthcare.  Because healthcare would be preventing the disease, but there's no money in prevention.  The money is in the treatment.

As a matter of fact, one of the things that's made me sick is I got an email from a radiologist several months ago.  He had run two major oncology centers where they dose people with radiation.  He said one of the things, one of the doctors told him that woke him up to what's really going on is that they got a cancer patient in there that was, he said, basically on death's door.  Looked like they may not live for a week.  And at that point he said, there's no way that radiation's going to help this person.  They're gonna die.  And the doctor said... prescribed radiation treatment to begin immediately.  And he said why are we going to treat this person with radiation?  They're going to die, there's no way we can save him.  And the doctor said, yeah, but if we can get three treatments in before they die, we can get paid.  And he said it was at that point he realized there was something really wrong with this whole system.   Because the doctors, that doctor, I can't generalize all the doctors.  That doctor wasn't concerned with the patient.  He was concerned about getting paid.  And that's sad.


Medical researcher Ty Bollinger shares an almost unbelievable story about a cancer doctor and their decision to treat a dying patient. You won't believe the reason behind the decision.

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