Why He Calls Doctors 'The Most Brainwashed People on the Planet'!

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Scott: You call a cancer cover-up, I think is what you call it, why do doctors go along with that when they, I mean, everybody's been touched by cancer? Doctors have family members that have been touched by cancer but it's still the same protocols. Then this cancer cover-up, talk about that.

Ty: Why do doctors go along with it? Because number one, doctors are the most brainwashed people on the planet. Doctors have been through intense drug training and so they're, especially in the cancer industry, and I'm not saying that all doctors are bad, I'm not saying that doctors are bad at all. I'm just saying the cancer area, they've been taught bad protocols. Now, as far as trauma, as far as you look at little babies that are born premature and now we can save them, we've made so many advances in medicine that it's amazing, so I'm not down on the whole medical institution, I'm not down on modern medicine at all. I'm just talking specifically on cancer. If somebody came in the door and shot me with a shotgun, I'm going to go to the emergency room. I'm not gong to go take a herb. So, trauma medicine, we're light-years ahead of where we were 50 years ago. There's a lot of areas of medicine where we've taken big strides. Cancer we haven't and it's because the protocols are taught concerning cancer are drug intensive and we've already gone over as to why they're drug-intensive, but the doctors have been taught that. So, doctors that are cancer specialists have been taught drug-intensive treatment; they just don't know any better. Now, you'd think that once they get out of school and start treating patients with these protocols that really don't work, that something would go on, a light would turn on and it does with a lot of doctors. And I know many doctors that used to be conventional and now they're natural. Some of them get caught up in the almighty dollar and they know that what they're doing is not healing, but they still do it; There's a survey that was done at the McGill Cancer Clinic in Montreal back in the early 90's and they interviewed 64 oncologists and asked them, if you were diagnosed with cancer or if your loved ones were diagnosed with cancer, would you do chemotherapy to treat it? And 58 said they wouldn't, 91% of 64 oncologists said no. They know, they know but they still continue to do it. Why? They may have a big mortgage on their house. Their wife may enjoy their lavish lifestyle, they need that money to keep coming in and if you come out against it, you're going to be ostracized and blackballed and you're going to be looking for a job the next day because, believe me, it's happened before and it will happen again. They will not allow you to question the protocols and they will not allow you to treat cancer with natural medicine. So, why do doctors agree to it, whey do doctors continue doing it? Some of them are ignorant, some of them are hooked on the money and the ones that have the integrity, that when they learn about it they get out of it and I know many doctors that have done that. And believe me, the money ain't quite as good in herbals as it is if you're a conventional oncologist at a major hospital.



If current cancer therapies like chemotherapy and radiation continue to show limited success, why are doctors still using them as a first option for treatment? Medical researcher Ty Bollinger talks about why this is still the case but why many won't use those same treatments on their own family members!
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