What You Can Learn Just By Looking at Your Fingernails!

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Scott: Talk about the fingernails a little bit. That's another area that I thought was interesting, but when people look at their own nails, often times there's a white mark on them, there's different ridges, dents.  That can really... people think, well that doesn't mean anything, but that can really tell you something else can't it?

Donna Burka Wild: Yes it does.  White spots can be a zinc deficiency.  If it's not zinc, it's because they're eating too much sugar or refined carbohydrates which depletes zinc from the body.  So we need to look at that.  Ridges on the fingernails, that could be a vitamin F deficiency, or in older people it could be a reflection of their heart function.  Also, the dips in the fingernails are called bow lines, and that could be parasites and other infections and long term conditions that are going on in the body that we need to take a look at and ask more questions.  

And, yes, it gives us an indication, but the more questions you can ask about other signs and symptoms of that nutritional deficiency, gives us a clearer insight to what it actually might be.  And that's all in my book.  As well as the nutrients, herbs and foods that you could use to help correct those deficiencies.


Your fingernails can give you a number of signals as to what's going on with your health. Donna Burka Wild discusses a few signs to look for and what those signs might mean when it comes to things like nutritional deficiencies, heart health or even infections you may not know about!

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