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Interviewer:  What's your take on juicing? That seems to be a big craze right now. Is that a good option for some people?

Paul Nison:  For some people it's a wonderful option. People tend to overeat and do way too much. They need to slow down. Juicing is a great way to slow down and give the body a rest, while still giving yourself the nutrients. For people who over consume, which is most people, juicing can help balance things out. People that have digestive problems, juicing can help them assimilate the nutrients much better. 

Is juicing for everyone? Like I said, there's no policy out there. Definitely juicing plays a role in a healthy lifestyle.

Interviewer:  Is there a concern with fiber and not getting enough when you do that?

Paul Nison:  Again, it depends on if a person is eating a good diet and they add juice. They should have no problem with fiber. If a person is not eating a good diet and they're juicing, foregoing whole fruits and vegetables, then they're foregoing fiber. Then there could be an issue. It depends on the situation.


Raw food specialist Paul Nison discusses juicing and who might benefit from it. He discusses what juicing can do for your body and if there is a concern over the loss of fiber that often comes from juicing.

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