Which is Better-Raw or Cooked Vegetables?

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Interviewer: We're talked to somebody earlier today. I'm sure you hear contradictory things all the time. Where maybe raw is better, raw vegetables. When you cook that you lose the enzymes or some of the vitamins.  

Sally Fallon Morell: Well you do lose enzymes for sure. When we look at traditional cultures, all traditional cultures cooked. Usually what they cooked were the plants foods including the vegetables. Now the loss of enzymes in cooking is more than compensated when you include fermented foods in the diet. I call fermented foods "super raw." 

For example, you'd have a dinner with some cooked meat, or cooked fish, and cooked vegetables. Lots of butter on the vegetables of course. Then you have some sauerkraut. That sauerkraut has so many enzymes and good bacteria, more than compensates; far, far more than may have been destroyed by the cooking.

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.

Sally Fallon Morell: In fact, I just read a study that there's more enzymes in a little serving of sauerkraut, than there are in a whole bottle of probiotics.

Which is healthier, raw or cooked vegetables? President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Salley Fallon Morell, discusses this. She talks about the loss of enzymes through cooking and how big, or small, of an issue that really is.

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