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Dr. Bob DeMaria:  Hello, I'm Doctor Bob DeMaria, the Drugless Doctor.  I want to talk to you a little bit about digestion.  There is so many of you that have digestive distress.  I know you're sitting there saying 'he's talking about me', yes, I know I am.  But I want to talk to you a little bit about different foods that can cause distress.  There's a very important organ in your body and it's called your liver.  Your liver makes bile and bile is deposited in your gallbladder.  So what I have learned from my experience is that some of you could have digestive distress from onions.  Onions are a great food, a great source of sulfer. But onions themselves might create some digestive distress with you.  If it does, that's a body signal to me that your liver might not be 100 percent.  The same thing with green peppers and cucumbers.  They are great foods, but if you have liver, gallbladder distress, they might be an irritation to you.  Probably the best food to test how your liver/gallbladder mechanism is doing, are radishes.  See, radishes are bitter herbs.  Bitter herbs promote digestion.  So if you have digestive distress with radishes, that's a body signal to me that your liver is working overtime.  I happen to eat two radishes every day.  I work very hard to keep my liver/gallbladder mechanism functioning optimally.

You may consider taking a digestive enzyme that helps promote optimal health.  Some of you may consider taking a digestive enzyme in the middle of your meal, when your body is going to be requiring digestive enzymes for processing.  I can tell you also that I would minimize dairy products with meals.  Dairy products can cause massive digestive distress for some of you.

And here's something else.  I primarily eat chicken and chicken.  I don't really, I really don't use a lot of turkey or even red meat.  And I eat red meat and I eat turkey, periodically, but it slows my digestive system down.  For whatever reason, I have a problem with turkey breast.  And maybe there's someone out there that's having the same issue.  So, I just happen to have an easy digestion with chicken.  Maybe one of the proteins you want to think about. 

Let me give you some drugless action steps for your digestive distress.  First, drink fluids before, or after a meal, not during the meal.  And never drink ice water.  That will stagnate digestion in a heartbeat.  If you have some challenges with radishes, cucumbers and onions, that tells me your bile might be flowing real slow and sluggish, add a half a red apple every day.  Red apples promote bile flow.

And here's a thought for you, minimize leftover food.  Because leftover food always does not have energy in it and leftover food can actually maybe stagnate your digestion.  I'm doctor Bob DeMaria, the Drugless Doctor.


Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses digestion in this video. He offers some tips on improving your digestions and some signs that yours might not be functioning optimally. He also has some surprising suggestions towards the end, including one thing to never drink during meals. Find out why!

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