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Interviewer: Angela, you talk a lot about antioxidants. Why are those important?

Angela Bruer-Balouch: Antioxidants are critical at the cellular level. Antioxidants are something that comes from rich fruits and vegetables. They're super important because they combat that free radical damage that everyone has. You think about it as a car that the paint is pealed off and the car starts to rust. That paint is a protective. Antioxidants are a protective in our bodies. When we do have stress, or we're exposed to chemicals, we're exposed to processed foods, or even chemicals in our hair products, or cleaning solutions, everything. Our bodies just naturally create free radicals. To neutralize those free radicals, we need those antioxidants which our body normally produces. But because it's this checks and balance . . . I look at it like a bank account. Your bank account goes up and down; your antioxidant levels go up and down. There's new technology out there that can measure your antioxidants, which is incredible because it can give us a gauge. It's just like stepping on the scale and having a number you can go up or down. When you know your antioxidant levels, you can go up or down. In most cases, when people are antioxidant heavy, they're going to have a more well balanced homeostasis, even protecting their bodies against disease and cancers because it helps stop that cellular degradation. 

Interviewer: Is it important to know your level, do you think?

Angela Bruer-Balouch: I think it's fantastic to know your level. We know our cholesterol, we know our blood pressure, we know our weight, we know our BMI. Antioxidants, again, that's a key indicator if you could be susceptible to cancers and diseases. If you have a low level of antioxidants, you know that you need to do something a bit more differently. We're not going to get away from stress, our world has changed. There are things that we can manage and control. Honestly, we're just seriously not getting enough good fruits and more vegetables than fruits. Those rich, green vegetables have such rich antioxidants that can literally reverse. We know that there is so much scientific evidence that we can heal our diseases and inflammations with foods, with rich vegetables and fruits.

What are antioxidants and what do they do? Nutritionist Angela Bruer-Balouch discusses antioxidants and how important it might be to know what your antioxidant level is.

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