You Need to Know What Antibiotics Are Doing to Your Health!

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Interviewer:Ann, let's talk about antibiotics a little bit. You said that that's one of thereasons why we have Candida overgrowth. We've all had antibiotics in our lives,I'm sure, and when we have other problems then we get more antibiotics. Itseems like it can be a vicious cycle unless you can find a way to snap it.

AnnBoroch: Very critical. I think antibiotics do have their place. They are lifesaving. But through the years we've overused them and we've abused them. A lotof times we've just kind of been brainwashed, as the lay person, that when youget sick, a cold or flu, it's like get the prescription, get the antibiotics.When the reality is, antibiotics are a specifically for bacterial infections.For viral, when you have a cold, flu, it's not going to do anything. This ishow we get this misuse and overuse. I think now that we've used them so muchwe're seeing these resistant strains. And this is why Staph is so prevalent.That used to be a hospital issue. This is now you cut your finger and yourimmune system is imbalanced, you're in the hospital maybe getting an IV drip ofantibiotics because you have MRSA. This is a serious thing, and we're alsogetting bombarded from the food that we eat; from the red meat, the chicken,the turkey that's pumped full of antibiotics and hormones. So we're getting itfrom the food sources. That's where 50% of the antibiotic usage goes is intothe cattle. We're getting it from multiple factors, and then we're not knowinghow to keep the ecology balanced. We're not just doing basics like probiotics,let alone antifungals when needed. We're getting great disruption in the body.

Interviewer:So if we took care of ourselves better, we would not need the antibiotics somuch as well too?

AnnBoroch: Correct. You wouldn't need the antibiotics. The thing is that animportant factor is that if you do need to take them, know that it's going towipe out good bacteria and put the probiotics back in. I even think you need todo an herbal compound because the antibiotics are so strong that you need touse something a little bit stronger that has things like oregano, caprylicacid, Pau d'Arco; things to knock it out, and then get back to some probioticsso you can counteract to keep the GI tract in balance. That is the key is weneed to be much more preventative about what we're doing. I don't think we canget away with a glass of wine each day, a nibble of chocolate each day. I wouldlove it. I mean, I was a sugar addict and I would love to say I could do someof those things, but because we're compounded with the environmental toxicity,the stress load, and the dietary, I just think we have to be a little morediligent and responsible about what we put in our body.



Antibiotics can be very important, but they can also cause plenty of damage, damage that you might not even notice. Nutritionist Ann Boroch explains how this happens and what you can do to get your system back in balance during and after antibiotic use.

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