You Never Knew Your Hair Could Signal These Health Issues!

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Scott: We've talked a lot about the skin, the tongue, nails and things that you can look for in those area.  What about your hair?  I know doctors can do hair analysis for vitamins and minerals, but any person at home get any sort of signs from their hair?

Donna Burka Wild: If it's dry, brittle and falling out, yes!  (laughs)  And that could either be thyroid, or it could be a fat deficiency or a protein deficiency.   So vegetarians might have it, because the hair follicle is made up of proteins, trace minerals and fats.  So if you don't have the right nutrients to nourish the hair follicle, the hair follicle shrinks and then the hair falls out.  But also the thyroid, symptoms of thyroid insufficiency or hypothyroidism are brittle, dry hair and loss of hair. 

Of course people with adrenal issues can also lose their hair over stress.  Men can have premature balding because of bad testosterone.  So if they ate good fats, they would make good testosterone, and not lose, you know, not go into the bad testosterone that makes the hair fall out and gives them prostate disease. 


Can your hair tell you what might be going on inside your body? Donna Burka Wild discusses some signs to look for when it comes to your hair. Find out what to look for and what those signs might mean when it comes to different areas of your health!

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