You'll Be Surprised at What This Cancer Doctor Tells Every Patient

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Scott:  What advice would you give to somebody that is looking at something outside the country.  We've talked to a lot of people that are familiar with treatment centers in Mexico or in South America.  Like we said, you go onto Google and you can find a lot of options that can 'treat' cancer out there, but some could be dangerous or basically noneffective as well.

Dr. Mark Rosenberg:  You know its very hard.  Every patient I see, I tell them 'the days of your doctor being God are long gone'.  When I was growing up, you do whatever your doctor says.  Fortunately, the playing field is leveled and what I mean by that is every indivudual has access to the same information.  I have patients who come in and they know as much about cancer as I do.  And so what I tell them is, 'do your homework'.  Do your homework, I want you to find out as much as you can.  And you be your own advocate.  Get information from as many places as you can.  And make your own decision.  Because even though your oncologist might have your best interest at heart, he doesn't know what he doesn't know.  

Some of the most educated individuals I have met have been the parents of children with cancer.  Because they have dedicated their lives.  I will tell you, in a year, they will accumulate more information than any oncologist, because oncologists are busy.  They have a busy practice, it's a business, and they don't have the time to start exploring every single treatment for one patient's cancer.


Dr. Mark Rosenberg treats cancer patients all over the world. In this video he gets honest about treatment plans and what cancer doctors learn compared to patients. Find out who he says some of the most educated individuals are when it comes to cancer. It's not doctors!

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