Shocking! Your Doctor Misses This 95% of the Time!

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Interviewer: How often do you think it happens where someone goes to the doctor with a condition and they get a quick fix prescription for that when really the underline cause is potentially candida and that was never even considered?

Ann Boroch: 95% of the time. I'm very bold in making that statement. I've been doing this about 15 years and I feel that infection and inflammation is the root cause to pretty much everything we see unless you got a trauma induced injury like a car accident. 

And the fact that it's still grossly ignored is astonishing to me because I see so many things able to shift and change for the positive in such a quick amount of time because let's not forget the root here. Your body has the innate intelligence in how to heal. You just have to clean up the environment for a longer period of time. 

So unfortunately physicians are not educated in how to clean up that environment. They're given a prescription pad, what's your symptom, let's give you that, see you later. What they're not looking at is what are the foundations of things that are making you toxic and inflamed? what are the foods you're eating? do you sleep 8 hours a night, quality sleep? do you have a hobby and enjoy life and take time off? Do you take vitamins and minerals to support and repair and regenerate?  Those are the main things that we need to be looking at because when you create those foundational tools of having good diet, you exercise, you sleep well, you balance your life, have fun, you heal. It's not complicated. It's actually very simple. It's just that not enough people know this information.


Is your doctor missing what really could be the underlying cause of your condition? Naturopath Ann Boroch says that most of the time they are. Find out what she thinks the underlying causes of most health conditions are and what can be done about them. You might find it shocking, but she says your doctors miss this 95 percent of the time!

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