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Interviewer: We've talked about stress before. How bad is that and what is it actually doing inside our body when we're under that?

Ann Boroch: Stress is the number one body breaker and it is destroying us today. The reason we have accelerated rates of cancer and autoimmune disease is because this stress is changing, not only the gastrointestinal balance, it's weakening the immune system which then allows the environmental toxicity to step in. So what I'm trying to say is we are getting bombarded today from so many angles. The air, food, and water is polluted. The medication overload that people are taking. The stress of how to manage their lives to put food on the table, make a buck, and still figure out how to retire. So because it's coming in from so many levels, this stress, it's completely wiping out immune systems. And when you have that, you are literally this open playing field for this inhospitable environment to take over. And then it's kind of, where's the wiring going to go? Are going to flip a switch and now it's autoimmune disease? Is it going to cross the blood-brain barrier and now we're dealing with Alzheimer, MS, Parkinson's. Is it going to have genetic mutation and now we have cancer. It's really how we're all wired and that's how we make it up differently. So, stress to me is probably the first conversation I have on the first visit because if you don't balance your life, you're most likely not going to age with quality.

Interviewer: And you mentioned, that stress can come in a number of forms, right? It's not just job pressure. It can be toxicity as well.

Ann Boroch: Yeah, it's all angles and today I don't know one person who's not getting hit by all of them. So we talk about genetically modified organisms . . .

Interviewer: . . . Mm-hmm. 

Ann Boroch: . . . in the food, the herbicides, pesticides. The xenoestrogens coming off the plastics, OK, so that's environmental. Then you've got psycho-spiritual where people are feeling very disconnected. We have a very chaotic, fluid world right now where it's very unpredictable and people don't like that. There's no sense of security. 

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.

Ann Boroch: Then you've got you own inner stress of how you deal with such things such as anger, and fear. And what do you do to download? Do you suppress that? Do you stuff it down with food whether it's pizza or hamburgers or booze. And then you've got the poor diets, so not just what's in the poor food supply because there's nothing really left. There's no nutrient dense foods. It's very challenging but then it's eating fast food on top of it. And then you've got the infections, the candida, the viruses, parasites. Because I'm not just working with candida. By the time you see me, you have all the critters, as I call them, having a field day because they feed off this sugar. And that stress will elevate adrenal hormones which also stimulates blood sugar and before you know it you're just having a cascade of feeding all this frenzy. So, it is coming in multiple way and you have to be aware about all of these ways and start looking at your life. And start simply. You know, it's all complex but it's actually really simple. You just really sit down with yourself and go, "Hey, what really feels out of balance in my life and what baby step can I do today to start to make this difference?" Because before you know it, you've gone from this level to this level to this level if you allow the education and the awareness and some discipline. You can't get away today. I don't think you can age with quality unless you are diligent. This is a house and if you don't take care of it, it crumbles. So four decades ago, you could wreak more havoc. You could get away with maybe a glass of wine a night, have some chocolate. Today, I don't think you can. It's got to be once or twice a week, not everyday.


So many things are posing a challenge to our health on a daily basis. Naturopath Ann Boroch discusses what she calls the 'body breaker', and possibly most damaging thing to our health. Find out how it affects all of us to varying degrees and what we can do to keep it under control or at least reduce its effects on our health. The more you know that this is the most damaging thing to your body, the more you can help yourself!

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