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Interviewer: When we hear about people talking about diet, something that often comes up is an alkaline diet. Can you explain that and why that might be more beneficial if that's something that you subscribe to?

Tamara St. John: Yeah, it's all about pH balance in your body. So, and I talk about this in my book, the period hydrogen, pH, level in your body is directly related to whether or not you get sick with certain diseases or whatever. All cancer patients have a pH balance that is highly acidic. So pH balance is somewhere between 7.2 to 7.4 depending on who your read about that. So, when I was testing I would be testing my urine daily and all throughout the day. And it was based on what I would be eating. So I would notice like if I would eat, you know, raw almonds at night, when I'd wake up in the morning my urine would be alkaline, so it would be above the 7.4 level, usually to an 8. And that's good, because the more oxygen you have in your body, it can kill cancer. Or you know, because an aerobic environment. But what happened is with advanced cancer patient style studying, like Dr. Ravichi who is talking about, you know, advanced cancer patients will vary on the pH scale. So my pH level throughout the day would go from a 5.0 all the way to an 8 and vary that drastically. But advanced cancer patients, they do. It varies that drastically. Whereas most might only vary from maybe a 6 to a 7.4, 7.6 or something. But yeah, if you have advanced cancer or something advanced going on in your body it's going to vary the scale of the pH.

Tamara St. John treated her own breast cancer. In the process, she took many steps to research treatments and different aspects of health. Here she discusses the benefits of an alkaline diet and how pH levels can vary depending on your health condition.

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