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Scott: So Ty, lets talk about that immune system a little bit.  And you mentioned the toxicity and how that weakens your immune system.  If we go back to the prevention part, how do we prevent the toxicity from doing that to our immune system in the first place.

Ty Bollinger: Great question.  Great question.  How do we prevent the toxicity?  Well, let me, let me...

Scott: You said its in the air we breathe, it's all over, there's no question about that.

Ty: Let me answer that with what you can do if you're toxic, and then let me step on to what you can do if... to prevent the toxicity.

One of the main things that any kind of treatment protocol for cancer or just a healthy lifestyle protocol needs to involve is a full body detoxification at least once a year.  So, and that means, there's a chapter in the book called 'spoiled rotten', and it's on a full body detox.  You have to detoxify your organs.  Your liver, gall, kidneys, colon, your blood, parasites.  We have toxicities throughout our whole bodies.  And so there are excellent protocols that have been developed by reputable medical doctors and naturopaths to show you how to detox your organs.  So that's the first step that I would recommend for anybody to be healthy.  Because this is not necessarily just a cancer treatment book, it's a how to be healthy book.   We all need that.  We do two or three colon cleanses a year and try to do one full body detox, which takes about 30 days, each year.  And that helps you to stay healthy.  Now, that's how you detox once you've gotten the toxicity.  Your question... how do you prevent the toxicity?

There's not a lot you can do about the air you breathe in.  We gotta breathe.  So the pollutants that are in the air... you're breathing them.  There is a lot you can do to make sure that you intake good water.  For instance, if you're drinking city water, you're probably drinking fluoride and chlorine and arsenic and lead and a lot of other contaminants in the water.  So if you're drinking city water, you need a good filter.  Before we had a whole house filter, we used to use Berkey filters, British Berkefeld's, there's a lot of good gravity water filters that you can sit on your kitchen counter and filter your water.  So that's one thing you can do.

The food that you eat.  This is probably the biggest thing you can do, that you have control over.  Is, if you have access to organic fruits and vegetables, eat them.  Instead of eating the stuff with the pesticides and insecticides on it.  That's huge, because those pesticides and insecticides have been show over and over and over and over to cause cancer.  Many of them.  Because it compromises your immune system, the toxicity.  So eat organic fruits and vegetables if you have access to them.  

Stay out of the burger joints.  Stop eating the foods that are fried with trans fats.  Because what happens with the trans fats, which are... people hear the word hydrogenated oils.  What is hydrogenated oil?  It's oils... lets say vegetable oil, that's been... an element, an atom of hydrogen has been injected into this oil to make it preserve longer.  Because typical oils will go bad, over a certain period of time.  But you can take corn oil that's hydrogenated and set it out for 50 years, and you can go back and you can use that oil.  Why?  Because they chemically altered it.  It's no longer really oil.  It's no longer corn oil that your body... I'm not recommending corn oil by any means, because most corn's genetically modified now.  GMO corn is one of the worst things you can be eating.  We don't ever eat corn anymore unless it's organic.   But I'm just saying, with hydrogenated oils, any kind of food that you eat that have hydrogenated oils, that are fried in hydrogenated oils... really, really bad for you, because your body doesn't recognized it as food.  So then you eat those oils and your body begins to attack the food you just ate to save you, to save your life.  And then you susceptible to all other kinds of disease and infections because of that.  

And it also causes, the hydrogenation of the oils causes a problem with the electron cloud that surrounds the cells.  And that electron cloud is how they obtain oxygen.  And there's a big correlation between oxygen and cancer.  Cells that are low on oxygen... typically cancerous cells.  Anaerobic.  Because cancerous cells ferment glucose, which is sugar, to produce their energy.  Whereas healthy cells are aerobic  which means with oxygen.  They breathe oxygen, which is kind of the typical way a cell should function.  Cancerous cells ferment glucose.  Low oxygen leads to cancer.  And so hydrogenated oils lead to low oxygen in the cells.  So that's a real problem with hydrogenated oils.   

And people hear... don't go to McDonald's and they think, well it can't be that bad, it's corn.  You've seen the commercial.  It drives me nuts, about the high fructose corn syrup.  Have you seen that one.  The woman out in the corn field, 'I was concerned about high fructose corn syrup but... they said that corn sugar is just like sugar and your body can't tell because sugar is sugar'.  Just a total lie.  The chemical process by which they develop high fructose corn syrup, basically renders it a complete non food.  It's not sugar.  But it's a total lie put out by the corn growers, big agra.   And people are buying it.  Well high fructose corn syrup must be good for you, it's corn!' People are so naive and so uneducated that they just buy anything that they see on the tv.


Ty Bollinger discusses a couple different things you can do to help rid your body of toxins and avoid them in the first place. Find out what he says about a detox program as well as preventing the toxicity in the first place!

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