The Anti-Aging Supplement No One Wants to Talk About

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Interviewer: Doctor, we're talking about TA65, a telomerase activator. It's not cheap, certainly. Talk about the cost a little bit and why some people are kind of quiet on taking that.

Doctor: Yeah, well, I think everyone has their own sort of comfort level. Like for example, I took it for a year and didn't tell anyone, because you don't want to be the guy that brings something that either doesn't work or is dangerous. So everyone kind of goes through their own acceptance and process. A lot of people are kind of vain, too. So they like to say, "Well, I have good genes," or, "I'm working out a lot," which is not mutually exclusive from taking telomerase activator, because when you do you can exercise at a higher level, and you have better feelings about life. You go into an upward spiral. But a lot of people are just fond of saying, "Oh, I have good genes." And if they start looking better, people like to take credit for good stuff and defer blame for stuff they don't like. And a lot of people are just, you know, if you're a celebrity, you don't like to roll out of bed without getting paid. Your agent won't let you. So that's a big thing. But yeah, there have been a lot of athletes and actors who have been on it, and it will continue to grow, I think.

Dr. Ed Park developed a supplement that helps lengthen telomeres which could have an anti-aging affect. He describes the secrecy in which many people use the product and why that is. Dr. Park suggests a couple of reasons why some very well known people might not admit to taking this supplement.

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