Reverse Aging With a Pill? It's Time to Learn About TA-65

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Interviewer:  You've developed a telomerase activator called TA-65. Can you just explain that and any potential studies, or new studies on that. Explain what it does as well.  

Dr. Park:  Sure, it's um, a single molecule extracted from a Chinese herb, that's been known to help with longevity and immunity. And so, it's been shown in the lab and in people to increase telomerase activity. And as a result, people um, feel better. They occasionally, you could say reverse signs of aging. And so um, I really think that the future is bright for people who want to stop their aging. Um, and I've been taking it for the last six years. Uh, prescribing it for the last five and I think it's really a blessing, so.  

Interviewer:  Explain a little bit more about what it does.  

Dr. Park:  Sure.  

Interviewer:  And how it's effect works...  

Dr. Park:  So it's a single molecule and it, somehow, we're not sure...I was just talking to Bill Andrews last night at dinner, not really sure how it works. But if you do a functional measure of its telomerase activity and the cells affected, it increases quite a bit for a short time. So um, telomerase is the enzyme that lengthens the ends, the telomere caps, they're like burning fuses on stem cells, and so telomerase activity is increased and that's a good thing to protect. And in my opinion uh, it also destroys um, some of the damage stem cells so you can actually reverse some of the problems that you've accumulated.  

Interviewer:  Is that one of the underlying causes of aging, is the telomeres shortening?  

Dr. Park:  Yeah, I think so. When I researched it like, seven years ago when my dad was sick, if you go Wikipedia, there's five or six theories,  but that's really the only one that made sense to me. I mean there are other  theories like inter-cellular junk or mitochondrion, which is a good theory.  Some people have a kind of cockamamie theories like, you get old because you are not busy enough, like social. I mean it sounds right. But we know a lot of old people who are volunteering, active, vibrant, and yet they still get old. So, I really do come to the conclusion that aging is just one disease. It's really just the erosion of the telomeres in the stem cells and if it manifests in the heart you get coronary artery disease, brain, you get Alzheimer's. But the process is the same. So, it could be overly simplifying things but to me that is going to be common knowledge or orthodox in a few years. 


What if there was a pill that could help you slow down or even reverse the aging process? That scenario might already be here. Dr. Ed Park discusses a supplement he helped develop and what it might be able to do. He also discusses the aging process and why it happens in the first place.

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