Can The Subconscious Change Genetic Expression?

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Interviewer: You say that the subconscious can affect genes and genetic expression? Can you explain that a little bit? I mean you're talking about color of eyes and hair color and all of those things that determine our outward appearances as well?

Dr. Darren Weissman: It's an awesome question. When we're talking about the subconscious mind and genetic potential many people especially in today's day and age where there is the whole genome project where we mapped out the genes and we know that for this chromosome there is this disease and that chromosome that disease, that people today have genetic types of testing.

Angelina Jolie just had genetic testing and as a result without any symptoms of breast cancer whatsoever go through bilateral radical mastectomies. That people look at their DNA as the end-all be-all that that is the brain of the cell and if you have that genetic programming and that's who you are and that's what going to happen.

There is a gentleman whose name is Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Bruce Lipton, who's a cellular biologist, questioned that genetic predetermination that if you got these genes this is what's going to happen and Dr. Lipton found that - just let set the premise up. Dr. Lipton thought well if DNA really is the brain of a cell and that we are subconsciously programmed on a genetic level to just, this is what it's going to be, then if I took out the nucleus that holds the DNA of the cell, if I took out that nucleus then that cell would instantly die.

So he did that. He pulled out that nucleus and the cell didn't instantly die. So what he did is, he started to take one part of the cell off at a time until he found that part that allowed, that cause a cell to die instantly and that part of the cell was called the protein receptors.

If we think about what a protein receptor is, it called the sensory or protein receptor. That protein receptor allows us to perceive our environment and then as a result of what we're perceiving in the environment then as they go into the nucleus where the DNA is so that our DNA can produce cells that adapts to what we're perceiving.

Now the challenge here is that we don't perceive truth. We perceive that we believe. Our beliefs, whatever you belief is in any aspect of life, every belief is thought. Just because you thought something doesn't make it true. So the question now to go full circle, what role does the subconscious mind play in our genetics; everything, everything.

But the key is how we're perceiving something if we can begin to look at something rather than as a finality, rather than as, this is just I got bad genes or whatever it might be, you can actually by understanding the subconscious mind, and the lifeline, reprogram your subconscious mind and increase the fullest potential of your genes.

Can that change a person's eyes from blue to brown? I don't know. I've worked with people that had been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, dissociative disorder and right in front of me I've seen somebody's eyes go from blue to brown. Because when they shift from personality to personality, one personality has a whole different physiology and a mindset than another personality. So when we begin to understand that, [indiscernible 0:04:00.2] we will begin to understand that like, well the reason that the mind associates in that way, is because it had to for protective reasons.

The subconscious mind is the protective mind. It's the reactive mind. So when we realized that that protection sometimes in significant trauma whether it be somebody at war, or somebody being severely abused, creates that. Can there be a reprogramming in a way where it affects the color of somebody's hair or the color of somebody's eyes?

In my awareness of what I just said, I believe they potentially can but that's really not even what it's all about. To be more than anything it's about recognizing in our world of, a brave new world, Aldous Huxley, "Brave New World" where its just like we are putting our faith into a scientific realm that is only able to perceive what they perceive and then they work only on what they perceive to working with the conscious realm that's the two to 10 percent. Two to 10 percent of our mind is consciously, the other essence of who we are is subconscious.

What if had a way in to work with the subconscious mind? Wow, having the brilliance of science, because science is brilliant. Science today is just amazing. What if you could also enhance the fullest potential of the subconscious mind to influence our body's fullest potential for healing. Our mind's fullest potential of what's possible and bridge that science and spirit in a way. That's really in my heart where we're going/
It may be a tough subject to wrap your mind around, but Dr. Darren Weissman discusses the subconscious mind and its potential to affect how our genes express themselves. Could it mean your could actually change things like hair and eye color? Watch and find out!

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