Can This Treatment Have a Dramatic Effect on Cancer Prevention?

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Scott: Doctor, we're at the Cancer Control Society Convention and you spoke earlier today on chelation and cancer and their relationship.  How are those two tied together?  Can you talk about that?  

Dr. Murray Susser: That's an interesting... that was... yeah, Lorraine Rosenthal gave me the subject, she said, well let's do chelation and cancer prevention.  Well, prevention is a hard subject to deal with.  How do you know when you're preventing something?  It's purely statistical, really.  If a certain percentage of people under a certain, common circumstance, get cancer at a certain rate, then you say, ok, what can we do to change that rate?  

Well, there's a lot of information, but I want to boil it down to a study by doctor Walter Blumer.  Doctor Walter Blumer, b-l-u-m-r-e-r.  He's a doctor in Switzerland, a small town in Switzerland.  And he was working part time with the coroner's office in that small town.  And he noticed that a lot of people who lived near the highway in town, there was one highway through town.  A lot of people who lived near that highway were dying of cancer.  So there was a higher rate of cancer death in these people near the highway, and... than there were in people who lived in the same town but farther, like a half mile or more from the highway.  And there's been other studies that's suggested there was a relationship there and he figured out that maybe the leaded gasoline from the cars, the 4 thousand cars a day that drove through the town, were causing lead poisoning and thereby cancer.  Somehow or other it changed to cancer. 

So he embarked on a study and he took 59 patients.  Over the years he chelated them.  They each got 10 chelations.  Chelation therapy, it looks like a simple IV, you're sitting in a chair and you have an IV hooked into your arm.  You've got a bottle up there with a line going up to the bottle.  And you get the IV and we can check the urine to see how much lead comes out in the urine.  And that's a therapy as well as a test.  You don't have to do the test every time.  But he found that people that had over ten chelations, in their health period... if they had more than ten chelation treatments, their rate of cancer was enormously reduced.  So the 59 patients who had 10 treatments or more, over an 18 year period, had one case of cancer.  There was 1 point 7 percent.  1 point seven percent.  Where as the people who didn't get treatment, there were 170 some who didn't get the treatment.  But they were almost identical in their parameters, as far as their health parameters.  They had no... they had no significant differences according to scientific analysis.  There were the same number of men and women, same number of smokers, same number of drinkers, same number of stress... you know, every parameter was identical, except the ten chelations or more.  And those who didn't get the chelation, had 30 cases of cancer out of 172 people.  And that came out to 17 percent.  So one point seven percent versus 17 percent is a factor of ten.  And that meant there was a 90 percent reduction of cancer in the people who got the chelation.  And 90 percent reduction is enormous, that's an enormous statistic.  

Now, pure science would say, well that wasn't a really well controlled study because it wasn't randomized and it wasn't double-blinded, but it was 90 percent!  And these people were well evaluated by highly scientific measures.  So they were really identical except for the 10 chelations.  That's a big exception.  But that's a big difference.  If it had been 40 percent reduction, or 20, 30, or 60 percent reduction... but 90 percent reduction, that's impressive.  

And also, I've been... I was president of... ACAM, American College for Advancement in Medicine.  We were instrumental in keeping chelation legal in this country.  Because the in the box thinkers wanted to get rid of it because it wasn't scientifically proven and da..da..da.  But, the doctors that give chelation, you know, our members that do chelation, do... all do it on themselves as well as their patients.  They do it on themselves, their family.  I want my family to get chelation.  I've had many chelations over the years.  I've had at least 40 or 50 over the years.  I know people that have had several hundred.  And the incidents of cancer in our group is very small.  It hasn't been measured officially, but I've known these people for 35, 40 years and there's a very low incidence of cancer in my experience of our group.  We really should do a scientific study and that's one of my goals.  But the point I would make is that, we have, we have all this opportunity and the... the point I was going to make is that the doctors give themselves chelation and that doesn't happen with a lot of doctors doing other things.  I don't think doctors doing chemotherapy, take it very readily for themselves.  I don't think doctors treating with statin drugs for cholesterol take it very readily for themselves.  Where as doctors that do chelation, all do it for themselves, all do it for their patients, and for their patients, and for their family.


Can detoxing heavy metals from the body help prevent cancer? Dr. Murray Susser discusses a research study that showed some surprising results. Also find out what Dr. Susser says about chelation and the doctors that perform it, and not just on their patients!

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