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Interviewer: Doctor, explain a little bit about what you are trying to do.
A lot of people think a doctor's office, you see a doctor and you're done.
But it can be a much broader scope than that, can't it?

Dr. Baumgartner: Yeah. One reason I started doing my own thing and trying
to change the way healthcare is being delivered, is because the old
fashioned, you've got high blood pressure, here's a medication, or you've
got high cholesterol, here's your second medication. Oh, you've got chronic
pain, here's your third, fourth and fifth medication. Oh, you've got a
muscle spasm, here's your sixth medication. I would look at my patient's
medication list, and they would have 10 to 15 prescriptive medications.
Each one would have three or four different bad side effects and they all
interact. You can imagine the compounding effect that's happening. When you
look at the causes of death, the causes of disease in people, one of the
most common causes is the wrong medication being prescribed, or an
overdose, or the side effects of that medication.

So we really felt that medicine is not moving towards a healthcare system
that's depended on more medications to fix the problem. Fixing the problem
is going back to the old physiology books that all the doctors, and all of
us, learned on, is this is the physiology of the body. This is the
endocrinology of the body. This is how the body's made to perform and
function optimally. And let's just go back to basic science. And so that's
what our Rejuve medical is founded on, is basic science. If the body's
functioning optimal, and the person's got great testosterone, their growth
hormone is good, they've got balance of all their estrogens. We've got them
on the right supplements, because they're low on Vitamin D. They needed
some magnesium. You optimize that symphony, that body's going to last
longer. They're not going to have the billions and billions of healthcare
dollar cost to all those medications.

Then I got into their ideal body weight, so I just prevented that open
heart surgery. I prevented the cabbage, and they no longer have
hypertension, so that's another three or four hundred thousand dollars of
the healthcare system that we're not going to be using on that patient
because we've changed their life.

We've regenerated their 4,000 [inaudible 00:01:52] regenerate their knee.
That's $80,000 that we didn't have to do to replace that knee due to
hospital stay, oh, and then they got an infection afterwards, so you can
just see the trickle -down effect of this type of medicine when it comes to
politics and healthcare reform. Healthcare is going this way. It's getting
very expensive and we can't afford to treat our growing population, so we
created this model that we, basically are getting people healthier. We're
teaching them how to be healthy. We're getting them to make lifestyle
choices to do the right thing for their own body.

Through doing that, they're healthcare dollars expenditures, they're not
using as much healthcare dollars anymore. Their bodies are lasting longer,
so what we want to do with this model is basically make a very easy model
that a clinic down in Florida can say, you know what? I want to change
lives in Florida. No problem. Here's the Rejuve model. Click it on to your
established patient. You can change thousands of lives too. Oh, this
hospital in Georgia wants to do the same thing. No problem. We've got the
system in place. Take this. Click it onto your hospital. Decrease your
admission rates. Decrease your hospitalizations, your heart attacks and all
that, as well. So it's going to be a very simple model that any healthcare
facility can click on.
Dr. Joel Baumgartner opened his own practice with a different way of thinking. Here, he discusses his model of healthcare where the goal is fewer prescriptions, helping the body heal itself all at lower costs. Is it the way of the future? Take a look!

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