Could Feeding Your Kids This Help Their Brain Development?

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New parents are often unsure about what to feed their babies… but a recent study is showing they might want to consider adding eggs to their diet early.

The study out of Missouri found that infants who were introduced to eggs starting at 6 months of age showed significantly higher blood concentrations of choline as well as the omega-3 fatty acid DHA.  Choline is a nutrient that acts like vitamin B… both are important in brain development and function…

The lead author explained that in addition to those two nutrients… eggs also provide proteins… vitamins A and B12 and much more at a relatively low price.

From young to older… new research is showing that maintaining oral health as we age may have benefits beyond just healthy teeth and gums.

The study included more than 16 hundred older men, and found the presence of oral health problems was linked to a greater risk of being frail in older age.  The study found that complete tooth loss… dry mouth and other oral health problems were associated with frailty… It suggest that managing oral health issues could be an important preventative measure.

Finally… there are more reasons to make sure you get enough fruit… especially if you’re a former smoker…

A study out of Baltimore showed the natural decline in lung function over a 10 year period was slower for former smokers if they consumed a diet high in tomatoes and fruits… especially apples.  The research showed that adults who averaged more than two tomatoes or more than three portions of fresh fruit a day had a slower decline in lung function than those who ate less than that.  The results suggest certain compounds in those foods might help restore lung damage.

Poor lung function is linked to mortality risks from conditions like COPD, heart disease and lung cancer… the lead author said the results support the need for dietary recommendations… especially for people at risk for those conditions.

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New information is indicating you might want to feed your babies a common food early to help with brain development. Also learn about a connection to oral health and frailty as we age. Also former smokers might be able to help their lungs by adding more of this in their diets!

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