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Hi and welcome to this week’s look at the top headlines in natural health on iHealthTube dot com.

More evidence that your gut health is directly tied to the brain this week in a recent study.

Researchers in Ontario, Canada found that twice as many adults with IBS… or irritable bowel syndrome showed improvements from depression when they took a specific probiotic compared to those who took a placebo.  The author of the study said it showed more evidence that the gut environment is in direct communication with the brain. 

The hope is this may open more possibilities for treatment not only for people with bowel disorders, but also those that have psychiatric conditions.

It’s been known for years that cancer feeds off sugar in the body… but new research is showing that some types of cancers like it more than others.

Research out of the University of Texas revealed a specific type of cancer… squamous cell carcinoma… is much more dependent on sugar as it’s main energy supply.  The research indicated a protein that transports glucose… a kind of sugar… into cells was much higher in squamous cell carcinoma than another non-small cell lunger cancer tested.

Researchers think this could help lead to new therapies… but also warned about continued excessive sugar consumption.  They also say they’d like to study how dietary changes might affect cancer progression.

Finally… it’s becoming hard to know if alcohol can be beneficial or harmful to our health.  This new information probably won’t help…

A report released by two cancer research organizations found that just one glass of wine or other alcoholic drink a day increases breast cancer risk… while vigorous exercise like running or  fast bicycling decreases the risk of breast cancers.

One of the authors admitted the potential confusion with conflicting information being published regarding alcohol… however they found strong evidence that having a single drink wine or beer a day increases pre-menopausal breast cancer risk by 5 percent… and post menopausal breast cancer risk by 9 percent.   The author said the basic takeaway from the study is to lower your risk, have an active lifestyle, maintain a healthy weight and limit alcohol to help lower your risk.

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Learn about new research that's helping some people with depression and mental health issues. Find out the interesting connection to a common supplement! Also learn about a certain cancer and it's love for sugar. And there's more information about having that one drink a day. Does it clear up anything or cause more confusion?

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