Does Quality Suffer with Non-GMO Foods? Listen to This Expert!

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Scott: I heard something just this morning and I want to get your take on this.  Someone said, speaking of this conference, there's a conference here tonight.  A lot of people are against GMOs, but yet, they want the big, crunchy, red apples, they want the sweet corn year round.  And this person said, look, you can't have it both ways.  Do you agree?

Don Huber: No.  Because what have we had for two thousand years?  Now, some of my apples get a little high protein from those, that infection if I don't get out with the pheromones and I don't get out with some of the other alternatives that we have.  But they're good alternatives.  It's just that with glyphosate, it was simple, it made management a lot easier.  No question that it was a powerful tool.  But with the abuse and the other changes in the long term effects no, we're finding that it's going to take a lot more to correct those, that damage than we had anticipated.  No reason why we can't have quality, at the same time that we have production.


Don Huber discusses a common argument when it comes to genetically modified foods. Can you have the same quality in the food if you don't go the gmo route? Find out what this expert says!

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