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The US Food and Drug administration put a halt to the use of seven food additives recently after it was shown that six of the synthetic flavoring substances caused cancer in lab animals.

However the use of the additives was approved by the FDA in 1964… they’ve been in things like candy, ice cream, gum, drinks and other foods since then.  Companies that use the additives still have 24 months to find suitable replacements.  The FDA’s action came after environmentalists and food safety experts filed a petition after showing data that the substances caused cancer in lab animals.  You can find see the substances in question in the description below.

Whether or not alcohol, in limited quantities… is healthy is a constant debate… new a new study out of Missouri is indicating you might want to put down that glass of wine.

The study looked at more than 400 thousand people, between ages 18 and 85.  It showed that consuming one to two drinks… four or more times a week… increases the risk of premature death by 20 percent, compared with drinking three times a week or less.  There are studies that suggest that light drinking can help improve cardiovascular health.  But the lead author said that those potential gains are outweighed by other risks, like an increased cancer risk and as a result a greater mortality risk.

Finally… antibiotic overuse continues to be a problem according to a recent study.

The study looked at outpatient prescriptions over a 2 year period from over 500 clinics and more than half a million prescriptions.  The results showed that 46 percent of antibiotics were prescribed without an infection-related diagnosis.  20 percent of the antibiotics were prescribed outside an in-person visit like over the phone or online.  The lead author said it appears there is still a lot of antibiotic prescribing for things like the cold and flus where antibiotics won’t help.

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FDA banning:
-anibenzophenone (benzophenone)
-ethyl acrylate,
-eugenyl methyl ether (methyl eugenol),
-and Benzophenone can no longer be used in rubber products that come in contact with food.

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