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Interviewer:  Well, doctor, one of the things you talk about is the Triangle of Health.  Can you explain what that consists of? 

Dr. Vladimir Gordin:  Triangle of Health.  It's an even triangle.  Consists of three sides.  Structural, chemical and emotional part of health.

Interviewer:  Okay.

Dr. Vladimir Gordin:  Each of them are equally important.  Structurally, if you have pain, physical pain.  Muscles, bones, joints, posture, all the body mechanics.  [0:26] things of that nature.  

Chemical.  Chemical issues.  Water, diet, allergies, toxins from the outside of the body, toxins from the inside of the body, constipation for example, and other things.

Emotional things.  Well, emotions.  Emotional stress.  

Interviewer:  Um-hmm.

Dr. Vladimir Gordin:  Hardships of every day.  Family issues.  Job issues.  Whatever that can be.  Sometimes in past, sometimes in present, sometimes in future.  Depending on what people are thinking about.  

All those three sides are important because the problem with the society right now, people do not realize like a diamond, have consist of many sides.  If you're simply going to just treat pain, pain, pain, but the person's not keeping a diet for example, or the doesn't have the building blocks to rebuild the muscular tissues for example, it's not going to, it's going to be like running to the doctor's forever.

Same thing with emotions.  Everybody knows emotions can cause high blood pressure, ulcers, sugar instability up to diabetes, maybe even cancer.  If you're not actually addressing emotional issues, people are stressed out, they're not sleeping, they're not trusting, of course body will be exhausted in a manner which we'd try orthopedically, for example, even though on the best diet on the face of this planet.  It's not going to get you any results.

That's basically what Triangle of Health is all about.

Interviewer:  Um-hmm.

Dr. Vladimir Gordin:  So it's for people who understand its importance, and doing three things at the same time.  Just like I do. 

Interviewer:  When somebody comes in with a problem, is it easy to diagnose which part of that triangle needs attention?

Dr. Vladimir Gordin:  Easy for me.  [laughs]  Well, obviously, there's an intake.  People come usually with a complaint.

Interviewer:  Um-hmm.

Dr. Vladimir Gordin:  You know, usually people dragging things, due to the economy many, many personal things, dragging things until they're actually actively in pain or they cannot function.

Interviewer:  Um-hmm.

Dr. Vladimir Gordin:  People are not functionable.  And you're asking, what do you need?  Well, we treat the pain first.  That's easy.  Pain is very easy to deal with.  

Much harder always to make person healthier.  Sometimes I'm going to ask you like what did you have for breakfast today?  Are you drinking enough water?  How's your sleep?  How's your rest?  Do you have any disturbances with digestion?  Or do you have any skin like eczema?  So there something going on.   

Usually you're looking at the patient and you talk to them because you need to talk to patients, not just relying on, blindly whatever blood work says that's what you treat.  

You need to talk to person.  See their structural, chemical, emotional needs, issues, and things will get better.

Dr. Vladimir Gordin focuses on the 'triangle of health'. Find out what three legs make up that triangle and why its so important to focus on all three instead of just one.

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