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Scott: Stress is really kind of a central theme, just in what we've talked so far.  And everybody experiences it, I think, to different degrees.  But how important is it to get that under control?

JJ Virgin: And it's so funny, because I site one study where they compared stressed to non-stressed people and I'm like 'who were those... who was the control group?'  You know?  When I start working with people, sleep and stress are key components of the program, I know that I cannot fix them without it.  And it's where I can really help them because... if... you know, they'll start with... and again stress is so relative, it's someone's own perspective.  What someone tells me what's stressful, I'm like 'that is no big deal.'  You know?  I can top that, you know, times ten.  But it doesn't matter, it's their perspective.  So that is the biggest one I think that you have to work on.

Getting someone to do the right type of eating, especially once you know their genetics and balancing out their eating behavior traits and getting them to exercise are nothing compared to dealing with stress, because it's a badge of honor now.  You know, I mean we are not disconnected.  So, it is ridiculous... I'm so excited now they have wireless now on the planes.  You know?  It used to be the one safe haven.  Now their going to let us... when they start phones, it's going to be a nightmare.  You know we really are never disconnected.  It's a 24- 7 world, and especially when you have a national and international business, it gets more and more ridiculous, right?  So, you have to deal with that one. 

And again, it depends on where someone wants to be.  I mean it may be that their life is fairly stable so once you teach them how to handle that amount of stress, they're great.  But for a lot of people that I work with individually... actually I don't work with people individually anymore, I still have some remnants.  They're all the high level performers and CEO's and for them, again, that higher level stress is the key factor to their success... managing it. 


Nutrition and fitness expert JJ Virgin discusses what she considers two main components of a health care program. Find out how these two also tie in with diet and exercise, to start toward a healthier lifestyle.

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