GMOs Are Devastating to the Gut!

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Scott: When we talk about the problems with soy, that can be one thing.  But I think better than 90 percent of the soy that's produced is genetically modified.  What part of, how much of that part is a concern?

Dr. Kaayla Daniel: Well, if you're going to soy, despite what I say, make sure it's organic for sure because gmo makes everything worse.  And there's some substantial evidence about reproductive health devastation from gmo and also damage to the gut, to the micro biome.  So gmo, whether we're talking gmo corn or gmo soy or gmo anything, it's devastating to the gut. 

Scott: So basically if we know that soy is not a great food and almost all of it that's produced is genetically modified.  Your advice would be skip it?

Daniel:  Well, yeah, it's not that hard to get organic soy like at health food stores.  And it will be clearly marked and as far as I know, most of the labeling is accurate there.  But if you're eating at restaurants, if you're eating anything from supermarkets, fast food outlets, it's full of gmo soy.

Scott:  Isn't that one of the products that is produced for vegetarians or vegans as well as a meat substitute.  Isn't that one of the more popular?

Daniel: Well, that's one of the reasons vegetarians, and particularly vegans are at risk.  Because, for a variety of reasons, many vegetarians today, they're willing to eat dairy products, but they're not able to tolerate them.  So that sort of pushes them, you know, another notch into, you know, veganism.  So what are they using for meat and dairy substitutes?  In many cases, soy.  Soy.  Soy.  Soy.  

And the British committee on environmental risk factors identified vegetarians and vegans as at high risk for thyroid disease.  Which gets back to your question about how the phyto-estrogens damage the thyroid.  And of course, you know, we're talking hormones there.  And we're also talking about soy damaging some of the enzymes we need to produce T-3 and T-4, so, you know, right there you've got some problems. 


Dr. Kaayla Daniel starts the discussion talking about soy and the fact that an overwhelming amount is genetically modified. Find out what she thinks of genetically modified foods. She also discusses why vegetarians and vegans may be at more of a risk when it comes to soy.

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