How to Get Rid of Fungus In and On the Body

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Scott: So how do we eliminate fungus in our body if we're not sure we, how much we even have?

Tullio Simoncini: It depends.  A fungus is... you can perceive a fungus in the body when you have a symptom.  So you can get rid of it.  Otherwise, be tranquil, peaceful.  If they say, oh there is a big infection in the intestine, general candida, this is not true.  If somebody has a thrush in the vagina, mix irrigations.  If somebody has a thrush in the mouth, gargle it.  If there is a fungus in the toe or on the skin, you have to kill it. 

So, then, if there is a tumor, you have to go on killing the fungus properly, with my method.  Sodium bicarbonate, particularly given in any place.  So, the general condition, as alternatives say, there is candida everywhere.  This is not true.  Because they don't know, maybe the cause of the illness of the patient.  There are many other causes that can produce illness, illnesses.  It's not all fungus.  For instance, somebody has a problem in the belly, because of the air conditioning.  They say it's a fungus.  No.  This is the air cold.  You have to quit it.  This is just a simple example. 



Dr. Tullio Simoncini discusses his method for getting rid of fungus in the body. Is it as prevalent as some make it seem? Find out what Dr. Simoncini says and what thing he mentions as a treatment that you might not have thought of.

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