How To Get Your Body Alkaline in 3 Steps

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Scott: You touched on the pH balance and having a more alkaline diet.  Give us some examples of what some of those foods are that helps us become more alkaline.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: The very basic thing is, one, good hydration.  Because when we are not hydrated well, we have byproducts that we can't eliminate and we get acidity naturally.  Two is moving to a high vegetable, high fiber diet.  When you eat meats, you produce organic acids.  Three is you cut on your refined sugars.  Because sugars, when you process sugars very fast, you get a lot of lactic acid.  You get high metabolism. 

So these are really... the basics of a healthy diet is naturally alkaline diet.  Within this group of foods, even with grains, even with groups that have carbohydrates, you can divide the foods that are, that have a high glycemic index, which means they would create a spike in insulin and to the low glycemic index.  And the low glycemic index often will be alkaline foods.  Now it gets a little bit more complicated because one food is called alkaline food, which means the pH is alkaline.  And the other ones are alkaline forming foods.  They are actually acidic in nature but the body balances them by creating alkalinity, by using bi-carb.  You know baking soda, the body produces. 

An example is just hot water with lemon that you drink late at night and early morning.  It's creates an... it's an alkaline producing... It's acid obviously, but the body responds with creating alkaline, responds which affects the whole body.  And the effect of alkaline of... you can do it in a more radical way when you do it intravenously, of course.


Many experts will talk about the dangers of a body that's too acidic. So how do you turn things around and make your body's terrain more alkaline? Dr. Isaac Eliaz offers three things you can do that can help your body get back into natural pH balance. Find out how to get your body alkaline in 3 steps!

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