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Interviewer: You've had probably more than your share of injuries,
accidents. How important was it to exercise or to get back on the horse, so
to speak, to get running? And did that help you get over those injuries

Dick Beardsley: I think it helped a lot. I think, you know, I was in some
car accidents, the farm accident, I had 20-some surgeries on my body,
putting parts back together.

And I think the sooner I could get back, whether it'd be just... and a lot
of times at first, it was months and months of just walking, and things
like that. It definitely helps in your recovery. It helps get things moving
through your system better.

And mentally, it just, you know, when you get banged up, or you're having
surgery, and you know, you're not feeling good, you can get out there and
kick in those natural endorphins and stuff.

And I think by, you know and it's been proven, when I had my first knee
surgery back in 1975, I fell when I was out running, tore some cartilage,
and I was in the hospital for a week. They wouldn't let me out of bed for
the first three days.

Interviewer: Wow.

Dick: Now, after a total knee replacement, they've got you up that day,
moving and walking. They've found that just about after just about every
type of surgery, the sooner you can get up and start moving, and getting
blood circulating through your system, and flushing out all that junk
that's in there, the quicker you're going to recover. So I think that it's
huge, absolutely.
Former world-class marathon runner Dick Beardsley has seen his share of injuries. From being hit by a car, to a farm accident. But he says getting back to some sort of exercise as soon as possible was one of the best ways to recover quickly.

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