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Scott: Well, I want to talk a little bit... you talk about liver congestion.

Robert Scott Bell: Yes.

Scott:  Talk about what that is, how does somebody know if they have it?  Then go into detoxification...

Bell: Yes.

Scott: What's a good way to do that?

Bell:  My simple diagnostic question for those that want to know if they have liver congestion... you ready?... 'Are you breathing'?  The answer is yes?

Scott:  Yes.

Bell: OK, we gotta work on your liver.  Now the reason I say that is because we're living in a toxic world.  It's much.. radically different since the dawn of the industrial revolution.  We've added things in the environment from a petrochemical prospective but a waste toxin perspective.  Now that coupled with additives, preservatives, flavorings, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, you know injected or inhaled or ingested.  All of these things work to... and it's not one thing at parts per million.  If it were, we could deal with it.  We got a great... in fact we're dealing with parts per million, millions of things perhaps.  And we're alive!  Now, not in great health because now it's normal for a kid to have a chronic disease like I had.  It wasn't as normal then.  My parents generation it wasn't normal at all, it was radically weird.  Now it's very typical for a kid to have asthma, attention deficit, allergies are common place.  We could go on and on, even with arthritic conditions like I had.  We're seeing rheumatoid arthritis in children.  Autoimmune conditions.

All of these things start, you know, like Chinese medicine has been saying for about 5,000 years.  That's all, 5,000 years they've been saying we've... The liver is the key to everything.  The key to all healing.  Now if the liver is supposed to work here, and it's working here, that's not off a lot.  But all disease, any disease, becomes possible.  Even at that level.  Now, the fact is most Americans maybe are much lower than that and it becomes more severe.  And yet everything we do to address disease in a Western allopathic set up or system is to put poisons in our body to suppress the symptoms, that are telling us our liver's not working.  And of course, by doing that, we increase the burden on the liver, it functions even less and less.  We overwhelm it even more and more.  And so the whole concept of shooting out the warning light, right?  They talk about well, your engine light goes on it says 'check the engine'.  A doctor would be equivalent to saying lets just unplug it or just shoot it out, with a drug.  And of course, oh, now you're fine, go on your merry way, the lights gone.  And that's the whole idea of suppressing symptoms.  We don't do that as homeopaths or anybody in a natural realm.  It isn't that we can't relieve your suffering.  We can along the way, but not in the same way.  We don't want to suppress it.  

Now with liver congestion, how do you know?  Besides the question, 'are you breathing'.  Do you have headaches, right?  Do you have digestive problems?  Do you have constipation, do you have sinus issues?  Do you have allergies?  Do you have fatigue?  Are you fatigued?  It's not just a lack of caffeine, right?  These are all signs of liver congestion, but you don't get that from a doctor.  Because by the time they recognize there's a liver problem you probably have hepatitis or cirrhosis.  They don't recognize congestion, mild congestion.  They don't have a tool for it.  They don't promote detoxification.  They think it's crazy when I talk in terms of detoxification.  Oh, that's only for old people who are drug addicts.  What?  

You know, our liver, I mean, is it just the spring... you know right?  We do our spring cleanses.  The liver doesn't work the rest of the year, we just do a spring... You know, it's all the time.  And yet everything we do every day of the year seems to abuse it.  Now, from a homeopathic perspective, I utilize drainage remedies, which is the French word for drainage.  Which sounds really great.  If you're a plumber in France, you work with drainage, right, really exotic?  You're drainage here, you're a plumber.  But here we're talking about working with accelerating or restoring, not hyperstimulating, right?  We want to get it back to where it is.  I'll work with remedies like bryonia alba, nux vomica, chelidonium, and there are many others, taraxicum, which is the dandelion.  There are equivalents in the herbal, plant kingdom as well.  There are also supplemental remedies.  If we talk about the most important trace mineral for the liver, we talk about selenium, which is important for many things.  But again, I come back to whole food forms of these supplements as opposed to, what are they called, these USP isolates, that was the big thing.  And I recognize that you can use them to some benefit but, to some degree, if you use too much of the wrong kind of even a supplement, it can be harmful.  But the whole food form is not so.  So I typically will advise 200 micrograms of a whole food form of selenium every day as a preventive maintenance.  And I've seen using more of it safely without getting seleno-toxic via the right form in cases of severe immune compromise, severe liver dysfunction, you know upwards of levels that I won't say here, but suffice it to say it's a very good medicine.  But Jonathan Emord, my friend, who has beaten the FDA seven times now, you know, over selenium.  You know the government... the federal, the Fear and Death Administration I call them.  They don't want you to know that selenium counteracts, prevents and reverses cancer for instance.  But selenium is important, as I mentioned, the gtf chromium plays a role in liver function as well.

But here's one thing, you know... we love coffee to drink coffee.  How about putting it in the other end?  The use of coffee enemas or green tea enemas is something that is the most powerful medicine on the planet.  My dear friend, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, one of the top medical doctors for cancer therapy, pancreatic cancer, advises his patients the first thing he's doing is, are these coffee enemas because it's delivering caffeine, not to the adrenals, but to the liver, to stimulate the bile ducts to open and dump the toxins right back out into the colon for immediate elimination.  

So we're dealing with diseases of toxicity, deficiency, inflammation, all related to the same thing.  And if we don't correct the liver first and foremost, along with digestion and intestines, we're putting the cart before the horse as far as healing is concerned.  And we don't recognize that all of those disparate symptoms come back to that liver that we abuse so readily here in the west.


Robert Scott Bell shares what he calls the key to all healing. He discusses supporting this organ and what role detoxification plays. Find out why he says everyone needs to pay attention to this part of the body and how it can play a major role in your health, from sickness to wellness!

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