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Fingers are pointed at so many different directions when it comes to possible contributing factors of autism.  Now a recent study is zeroing in on pollution as a possible link.

The study… done on children in China from birth to 3 years old… found that exposure to things like vehicle exhaust, industrial emissions dan more increased the risk of developing autism spectrum disorder by up to 78 percent.  The study is the first to look at effects of long-term exposure to air pollution on autism during the first years of children’s lives.   One author said that causes of autism are complex… but that environmental factors are increasingly recognized as part of the issue.

So many people rely on popular energy drinks to get them started in the morning and throughout the day… but new research is showing they might be doing more than giving you a pick-me-up.

The small study looked at 44 medical students in Houston and tested their endothelial function before and 90 minutes after they drank a 24 ounce energy drink.  The results showed a noticeable diminishing in blood vessel function… in fact their blood vessel dilation was cut nearly in half after drinking the energy drink.  

The head of the study believe the negative effect on blood vessels may be related to the combination of ingredients like caffeine, taurine, sugar and other herbals.

Back to pollution… but a kind you can’t see.  Noise pollution seems to be linked to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

The study revealed the people with the highest level of chronic noise exposure, like that from a highway or airport… had an increased risk of cardiovascular events, regardless of other risk factors.  The thought is the increased noise ramps up activity of the brain involved in stress response… This then promotes blood vessel inflammation… which is a well-known risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

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There is another potential contributing factor of autism based on a recent study. Find out what that is. Also learn about the potential affects of air pollution and your heart and also a possible side effect to popular energy drinks.

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